12+2=Never ready.

My baby is twelve plus two,
This Mama doesn’t know what to do.
Yesterday has passed,
You’re growing too fast.
Holding my breath,
I’m scared to death.

I love you more than you know.

Happy birthday my Tiny Human.  You amaze me more and more with each day.


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Excolo Pt. II

Baron Samedi
A notorious voodoo priest, who eventually rose to become one of the funereal Guédés, alongside Baron Cimitère and Baron La Croix. He is a Guardian of the Crossroads: the pathways between our world and the realm of the spirits. As a Master of the Graveyard, he ensures that burial rites are performed with skill, and he helps ferry souls to the dark realm.

In his honor, we have created this scent: our spin on traditional Bay Rum.

In the Imp: Bay Rum.
On Me: Jamaican Spiced Rum and Bay Rum perfectly blended.
On My Son: It smells just like Grandpa’s Shaving Kit.
(My Dad has an old-fashioned shaving kit with Mug, brush, cakes of shaving soap.  When Logan became mobile and was agile enough to climb, his Razor went into hiding on days we visited.  The soap was Bay Rum, and he used to stand on the stepstool and soap up his face after eating.)


Bast, Ubasti, Ailuros, Ba-en-Aset. Represented as both a domestic cat and a fierce lioness, she truly evidences traits of both. She is the Mother of All Cats, Goddess of Sensuality, Fertility, and a guardian and protector of women. She is also one of the Eyes of Ra, and in that aspect is an Avenging Goddess, seeking retribution and punishing enemies of her people.

Luxuriant amber, warm Egyptian musk, fierce saffron and soft myrrh, almond, cardamom and golden lotus.

In the Imp: Resinous and Spicy.
On Me: Myrrh and Amber, with a sweet nuttiness, and a hint of spice.  This Egyptian Musk is subtle, melding with the resins and spice to make it exotic, but not overwhelm the delicate notes in this blend.
On My Son: Starts off like a jar of syrupy sweet Cherries, then the Myrrh and Amber appear.  I’m not sure if I like it.  Maybe I need to try it later.
He does get a huge blast of Syrupy Cherry in the beginning, then it backs off for the resins.


Centzon Totochtin
The Four Hundred divine rabbits of the Aztec pantheon that preside over parties and drunkenness.

Bittersweet Mexican cocoa with rum, red wine, and a scent redolent of sacrificial blood.

In the Imp: Boozy Chocolate, Dragon’s Blood.
On Me: Rich Chocolate, Cane juice, Oak Barrels Dragon’s Blood.  The Boozy aspect in the vial doesn’t translate as heavily, and I get a thick, rich, boiling Cane juice essence, and the Red Wine imparts an oakiness without the astringent alcoholic nuance. Dragon’s Blood and Musk here leave a coppery impression of blood. It’s divine.
On My Son: Milk Chocolate covered Dragon’s Blood.
Me: Why you do this to me? (T-T)


Created in honor of the Slavic Black God of the Dead. A nighttime god of grief, evil, chaos and woe, he is paralleled by his twin brother Bylebog, god of light, joy, order, and good fortune.

A combination of three musks, with splashes of dark myrrh, vetiver and mullein.

In the Bottle: Myrrh and Musk, with hints of honeyed grasses.
On Me: Myrrh and honeyed alcohol. The Musks are dark and adds a richness to the overall scent.
On My Son: It’s really dark and sweet. The Myrrh is stronger than they’re telling.


See you next year with more reviews!


**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**




General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Excolo Pt. I




Est deus in nobis.

A bright, bittersweet scent honoring the Japanese Deity of Love and Passion. Aizen-Myoo is one of the vidyarajas, the Shingon’s Radiant Kings of Wisdom. Though Aizen-Myoo possesses the lust, grace and passion of both genders, he most often appears to his followers as male. His face is screwed into a fearsome demonic mask, but this is only the wrathful, fierce countenance he places over himself to guide and empower his children. Aizen-Myoo is the patron of prostitutes, of joyous, unbridled sexuality and of all forms of erotic love and is worshipped by all those in the sex industry, musicians, and – oddly – landlords.

Yuzu, kaki, and mikan with cherry blossom and black tea.

In the Imp: Juicy, fruity, lightly floral Tea with bright citrus.
On Me: Like in the Imp, it’s very juicy, the Persimmon and Citrus are mouthwatering in this perfect cuppa, with Cherry Blossoms fluttering down like rain.
On My Son: You are doing this on purpose.  It’s delicious, and now I want this tea.
Me: *halo* I’ll go brew you some Oolong
The enemy of God, also named Iblis, He Who Despaired of the Mercy of God. Al-Shairan is the leader of the Jinn, a tempter who whispers false suggestions to men enticing them into evil and perfidious acts, and is the sworn enemy of all of Adam’s children.

His scent is fiery, bright and thick with sweet sinfulness: clove, peach and orange with cinnamon, patchouli and dark incense notes.

In the Imp: Cloven spiced fruit and incense.
On Me: Cloven Orange, Cloven Peaches, Spiced earth and incense.
On My Son: *I always dilute cinnamon blends before he wears it, because he’s got unblemished skin*
It’s spicy fruity incense.  I would love a box of incense like this.  It’s more Peach Blossom than fruit for me, and it’s real relaxing all around.  Please say you have two.
Me: You can have it.
When he is with the lover, both cease from their pain, but when he is away then he longs as he is longed for, and has love’s image, Anteros lodging in his breast, which he calls and believes to be not love but friendship only, and his desire is as the desire of the other, but weaker; he wants to see him, touch him, kiss him, embrace him, and probably not long afterwards his desire is accomplished.

The God of Love Returned and avenger of unrequited love, Anteros is Eros’ brother – one of the Twin Cupids – and was given to Eros by his mother, for without reciprocal affection, love will wither. He wields lead arrows and a hammer of gold, and he wields his weapons to inspire mutual ardor and smite those who spurn love. His scent pierces the heart with glimmering shards of rapture and the sweet ache of passion: throbbing red musk and shimmering chypre with saffron, sweet patchouli, Italian bergamot, red currant, and vanilla bean.

In the Imp: It smells like a masculine version of Mme. Moriarty.  It’s less boozy juicy than Moriarty.
On Me: Now that I don’t have to deal with emotional responses that make the red musk evil, I can cleanly review it.
The Chypre brightens it up without making it too feminine, the Bergamot(for me, the citrusy tang of Bergamot is always synonymous with tea) and the Patchouli adds a touch of earthiness that balances it back to being androgynous.
The Vanilla Bean and Currant blended with the Red Musk are what remind me so much of Mme. Moriarty. Those who can’t wear her should give this a try.
On My Son: What Mom said, and add fruity, earthy tea.
He Who Counts the Hearts, Jackal Ruler of the Bows, He Who Is In the Place of Embalming. Jackal-headed guardian, protector and psychopomp of Egypt’s dead, he guides souls to the underworld and holds steady the scales upon which the deceased’s heart is weighed against Ma’at’s Feather of Truth. He is the creator and master of funereal rites, He Who Opens the Mouth of the Dead, and is the sentinel that watches over the sanctity of tombs and the virtue and privacy of his charges.

His scent is a blend of holy myrrh, storax, balsam, and embalming herbs.

In the Imp: Resins and a sharp green.
On Me: It’s a Myrrh heavy, heavily resinous scent, with almost a Papyrus reed-like note in the background.  This is what Embalming Fluid should have smelled like.
On My Son: It smells sort of like Blooddrop’s Boris Karloff minus the Gentlemen’s Chypre, and then add the mummy perfume you like(Eshe, A Vision of Life-in-Death), only skip the Jasmine.
Me: *layers the two*  Yeah, kind of does.



**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**




Whatever your reason…

…for celebration, may your festivities be warm and bright.

May it be filled with love, laughter, and joy.

Tiny Human:  Thank you for reading, and we’ll return with more reviews after a brief visit from the big guy(who has completely forgiven me for whacking him with a giant candy cane, in case anyone was wondering).


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Diabolus Pt. VI


We’ve finally caved in to years of requests for vampiric scents.

As soft as grave dust and as dry as a breath drawn within a long forgotten crypt, this is Nosferatu: desiccated herbs and gritty earth brought to life with a swell of robust and sanguineous red wines.

In the Bottle: A cacophony of herbs mulled in wine.
On Me: Wet soil, mulched herbs, and Dark red wine. Yeah, creepy Vampire.
On My Son: Mud splattered grapes and Dead Leaves(how the DL note smells on Mom).

A classic Victorian men’s cologne: a lavender fougere, with hints of lilac, lime, and citrus musk.

In the Imp: So lovely, more elegant than say Jareth, with an old-world vinaigrette box feel.
On Me: I love Fougeres. This one is a beauty, an understated gem, it’s not as in-your-face as Dorian or Jareth, but it might be because this is a fresh vial. It’s Edwardian Gent in Suit with Top hat and walking stick elegant.
On My Son: It doesn’t smell Villainous at all. I see the Hero wearing it, and this hero is going to wear it a lot.
Me: …
That was the most elegantly executed yoink ever. I need to get him a bottle of this.
A paean to all the Wicked Queens, Evil Stepmothers, and other misunderstood villainesses throughout history and lore. Lends an aura of majesty, refinement, strength, and a deep, brooding malice. A sophisticated, womanly scent: rich myrrh and jasmine draped in the subtlest rose.

In the Imp: Myrrh and Rose.
On Me: (insert migraine here)
On My Son: I know it says it’s feminine, but this is weird. It’s darker and the Jasmine does that thing it does in Theodosius, only with Myrrh instead of a Fougere. The Rose is like this powder I remember GGO having in a dish with a huge poof. They laughed so hard when I came out wearing this powder.

(Woods of Windsor Rose Dusting Powder. My Grandma used to have this Lucite covered box that she kept it in. Kiddo got into it and dusted himself all over with it. He was like a snowman all covered in soft white, and smelled of roses. He did not want a bath to wash it off until my Grandma said he could use a little after, and she powdered his arms. If I thought for a second my 12+1 wouldn’t swear revenge, I’d get some for the bathroom.)

That’s it for Diabolus–next up is Excolo.


**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**




General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Diabolus Pt. V

Loup Garou
The wild, untamed essence of lycanthropy. Primeval in its raw power and insatiable hunger: juniper, cypress and galangal with the barest touch of eucalyptus.

In the Imp: Gin and cough drops.  Ewww.
On Me: Oooh, it’s very sharp and woodsy, and the Eucalyptus became the scratchy needles falling everywhere.
On My Son: It’s the smell of this massive forest with crushed evergreen needles underfoot.
Me: He said it so much better.

Orgiastic mayhem in the extreme: sweet strawberry and orange blossom distorted by carnation, black poppy and hibiscus.

In the Imp: Hibiscus tea with fruit. Spicy Opium softened by the Carnations.
On Me: Pass due to Strawberry. Dangit.
On My Son: Because she can’t, I will for her. It smells like fruity hibiscus tea.

A blend of sinuous violet and elegant tea rose: the chosen scent of France’s Demigoddess of Debauch: Marie Antoinette.

In the Imp: Violets and a pretty Rose.
On Me: Violet heaven, and a touch of Rose scented powder.
On My Son: Is it funny that it’s not girly on me considering who it’s supposed to be representing?
Me: Violets are always very elegant on you, so no.

Granddaughter of Helios, Hecate’s chosen: Medea was one of the greatest sorceresses of the ancient world. She is the embodiment of ruthless power, indomitable will and furious vengeance. Night-blooming cereus, black orchid, black currant and myrtle leaf enshrouded in the incense of Hecate’s cypress and myrrh, and the dark rage of magickal labdanum and intoxicating poppy.

In the Imp: Orchids and Resins and Opium
On Me: It starts out as a Myrrh heavy Opium and incense scent…then that jerk Cereus peeks out and takes over, becoming headache inducing. Dia de Los Muertos did this, and I can only have a teensy bit in a locket. Looks like this one will join it.
On My Son: Um…
Me: I don’t blame you. Better to pass this one.



**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**




General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Diabolus Pt. IV

Devilishly playful: white peach, amber, golden musk and patchouli.

In the Imp(hah!): Amber tinged Peach.
On Me: Earthy Peaches, Ambery and warm.
On My Son: I know it’s Peach, but it’s not like eating Peaches. It’s like smelling them ripe on the tree in the warm sun.
(I absolutely love his description. That’s it exactly. It’s not masculine, feminine, it’s completely neutral.)

As if, with beasts’ eyes, angels led
The way, I slip back to your bed,
Quiet as a hooded light,
Hushed by the shadows of the night.

And then, my dark one, you shall soon
Embrace the cold beams of the moon,
Around a fresh grave, the chilling hiss
Of serpent coiled shall be my kiss.

When morning shows his livid face
Your bed shall feel my empty place,
As cold as death, till fall of night.

Others take tenderness to wife:
Dread gives away your youth and life
To me, to be bride of fright.

Spectral white musk and the heart-stopping chill of sheared mint, fanned by caramel-touched body heat, and the diabolical sensuality of black musk, nicotiana, and sage.

In the Imp: Minty Green and then the Caramel
On Me: Sage yes, Mint yes, Black Musk, yes. Then the Caramel Tobacco is there, and it’s a hot mess. Uncertain about this.
On My Son: Hmm.  It’s kind of neat.  Like minty taffy.
Me:  (T-T)

Kitsune-Tsuki are malevolent Japanese spirits, akin to western werebeasts: women are possessed by the spirits of foxes, who compel them to perform acts of wickedness and mischief. Asian plum, orchid, daffodil, jasmine and white musk.

In the Imp: Powdery soft Plum
On Me: Very skin close Plum, wispy soft floral despite the heavy hitters used.  Dries almost powdery soft. Pretty!
On My Son:  I swear you tricked me.  Too many flowers.
Me: Individual body chemistry at play.  Give it a few.
My Son:  Still flowers, with a bit of Plum.
Me:  Maybe later after it ages?
My Son(giving the imp the stink-eye): Maybe.

Nine-tailed fox demon of Korean lore who transforms into the visage of an irresistible beauty in order to seduce men and lead them to their doom.

A sharp, biting blend of crisp white tea and ginger.

In the Imp: Ginger and Tea
On Me: It really smeels like Saenggang cha!  I love this.  Will be nice on days I feel blargh.
On My Son: Wow, it really does smell like it.  Now I want some.
Me: Be right back.
My Son:  Thank you!



**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**