General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Ars Amatoria Pt. IV


The scent of sexual obsession, slavery to sensual pleasure, and the undercurrent of innocence defiled utterly. Amber and honey with a touch of vanilla.

In the Imp: Honeyed Vanilla and Amber.  Yes please!

On Me: Five minutes in:  Where’s the Honey going?  Ack!  Too much Vanilla!  Amber don’t leave me!  The Honey faded, and the Vanilla amped enough to overwhelm the Amber.

I have a history of Honey notes from this company vanishing, but usually not this quick.  I shall try later with a dose of another companies honey, but I might have to Locket this one.

On My Son: Honeyed Vanilla Amber.  It’s okay, but kinda too sweet.




An utterly feral, thoroughly rousing perfume. Red patchouli sweetened by orange blossom. 

In the Imp: I freely admit smelling this fresh and turning green, the Patchouli had me stick it away to age, so this is about a year old imp.  Now it’s earthy, loamy, a hint spicy and Orange goodness.

On Me: Oranges and sweet earth.

On My Son: Why do I smell spicy Oranges?

Me: Red Patchouli does that spicy thing sometimes.

Kiddo:  I like it.




Bewitching, tantalizing and dangerously seductive. A thrilling, exotic blend — deceptively sweet, but spiked with malice. White ginger, jasmine, and a touch of vanilla and apricot.

In the Imp: Gingered Vanilla Apricots and Jasmine.

On Me: I need a bathtub full of this.  It’s balanced gourmand floral.

On My Son: *unsure but tries*  It’s okay until it warms up at about twenty minutes, then too much Jasmine for half an hour to be decent.  I think I will stick to Theodosius for Jasmine.

Me: Okie-dokie, I’ll remember to get another bottle for you while the Carnaval is still up.



Here comes the one I’d been waiting for.  I’ve tried so many Snake Oil blends, I was super excited to get some imps of the scent that started it all, seeing how lovely it is as a base.  Laugh freely at my reactions.

Snake Oil

By far, our most popular scent! Magnetic, mysterious, and exceedingly sexual in nature. A blend of exotic Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla.

In the Imp(I have a fresh one, and a very dark, syrupy-thick aged one): Sweet, spicy, just a hint of Vanilla.  Oooh, I really like this.

On Me: A bordello of hothouse flowers.  What?  Why chemistry?  Why are you doing this to me!

#@$! $#!@?¢%&™

On My Son: I’m scared now.  *daubs some on him*  Oh, I like this.  It’s very nice.

Me: *mutter, mutter grumble swear*

Mom, why’s it smell like a flower bouquet attacked you?  There’s no flowers in there, even Cottonmouth didn’t do this to you.

(What you don’t see is the adorable dimpled smirk I’m getting.  He’s winding me up.)

Me: I don’t know!  I know!  None of the other Snake Oil based scents smell like this!

*stuffs a twenty in the swear pig*

#@$! ¢%*&$#@!@$#?!! $#!@?¢%&™

(Yeah, he smells like a Snickerdoodle cookie!)

(( I have never been so frustrated like this at a perfume before.  I have no mortal idea why this one does it, yet no other Snake Oil blend does.

My son mentions Cottonmouth–Snake Oil with linden blossom, calla lily, passion flower, and narcissus.

Quick repeat of the review we did earlier: Sweet, sweet flowers and Vanilla Angel cake.

I love this one, it’s so girly. Kiddo vetoed this one for that reason, despite wanting to wear a scent called Cottonmouth(he grew up seeing them sunning on trees, as did I).

As you can see, lots of flowers, yet the Snake Oil base comes out as a sweet gourmand.  He did try it later, but said far too much floral for his taste.))



**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me, or were gifts with purchase.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


Heeeeeey friends!

Today is my birthday!

(Yes, I’m making a Garfield & Friends/Binky the Clown reference.)

I’m still trying to raise awareness for my sister-in-law’s Heart Walk for Chris’fer. Instead of gifts, I’d love it if you donated to this.

Can we double this goal? Maybe triple it?

If you can donate, wonderful.

If you live in NWIN and can help her team with the walk, awesome.

If you can only give your loved ones hugs and let them know they’re appreciated, perfect.

Have the best day ever everyone!




General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Ars Amatoria Pt. III

Continuing on with Ars Amatoria in fours until I run out of imps, then will move onto the next collection.  They might be out of alphabetical order as I find my boxes.  Sorry!



Selune, the Moon Goddess, fell in love with a beautiful shepherd named Endymion. She appealed to Zeus, asking him to cast Endymion into everlasting slumber so that she could be with him for all eternity. Her wish was granted, and every night the Goddess visited her love as he slept. A sweet, wistful blend of d’Anjou pear, Lily of the Valley, bois du rose and white musk.

In the Imp: Juicy Pears, Musk, and Roses.  No Lilies?  *sniffle*

On Me: The Pears were about all I smelled for the first five, then the Musk creeped out like a bad date.  White Musk rarely works well with me, and this might be a pass if it takes more than twenty to change.

(Twenty minutes is the maximum time I keep anyone waiting before leaving somewhere we’re in no hurry to get to.)

Yeah, not a scent for skin-wearing.  In a locket, the Roses and finally Lilies peeked out once the metal warmed.  I’ll enjoy this Imp while it lasts.

On My Son: Pass, too sweet.

(He said to his nose, it was extremely sweet, and floral, and he was afraid he’d hate his Pear scents if he tried it.  He has one that’s Pear and Dragon’s Blood that is beautiful on him, so I accept his reason.)



Golden Priapus

Insatiable lust, unending vigor! A truly carnal, energetic men’s blend: vanilla and amber with juniper, rosewood and white pine.

In the Imp: Wood! So much Wood!  All the Wood!

*go ahead and laugh, you know you want to… but seriously, it’s very evergreen trees, a foresty sort of scent.*

On Me:  Very sharp, almost boozy evergreen, dries down to a Sweet Rosewood Amber scent.

On My Son: Very Christmas trees and resins sweetened with Vanilla.




A gentle vision of purity, goodness and virtue: white tea, carnation and Damask Rose.

In the Imp: High Tea with a pretty vase of flowers.

On Me: Oooh!  The Carnations and Roses with tea make it very relaxing.  Floral and feminine, and yet…not.

On My Son:  I like it.  I could never tell anyone what it was called if I wore it in public, but it’s very nice.  The tea is bold, which helps make it almost like Jareth, only with Roses and Carnations instead of Lilac.

I’m surprised he tried it, but it’s fairly masculine on him.  He’s right.  His chemistry makes it almost fougere-like despite the lack of oakmoss or any other earthy notes.




“The Beautiful One Is Come”. Egyptian iris and olibanum with red and white sandalwood, soft myrrh and a breath of North African herbs.

In the Bottle:  Spiced Sandalwood, Myrrh, Frankincense, changpo(Sweet Flag)  my bottle is old.  Fresh the Frankincense overpowered everything else.

On Me: Yeah, Sweet Flag, though the spices, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh make it stunning.  Can I have this in a hair care line?

On My Son: It’s spicy, but not screechy-headachy.  Not too sweet. Very gentlemanly. I like it.

(The resins, Sandalwood, spices, the Sweet Flag, all so very masculine on him, very balanced too.  Leans heavily resinous on me.)



**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me, or were gifts with purchase.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


The scent of Viktory!

No wait, didn’t I already do that?

Anyway, we have a new batch of scents from Valhalla Soap Company, including new GC and some from their LE Summer collection.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gone Fishin’- VO
Valhalla Soap Company
Summer 2018

Summer days, six years old, camping in the woods at Lake Cachuma. Playing leap frog with the cousins, roasting marshmallows around the fire, fishing with Grandpa as the smoke from his pipe drifts along the breeze mirroring the lazy flow of the lakes current.

In the Pixie: Fruit Stripes Gum Aquatic.  Whoa!
On Me: Fruit Stripes Gum.  Hahaha!
As it warms up, I get a bit of Toasted Marshmallows. Need to wait a bit more…I’m holding out for the Tobacco.  (I think I’ll try it again later after it settles more)
On My Son: Um, I think I’ll let it settle and try it later.


Valhalla Soap Company
General Catalogue

A sinfully sexy blend of jasmine and lavender tangled around exotic amber,vanilla and sandalwood with a whisper of earthy patchouli. Finishing with sweet lingering notes of dark cocoa bean. One whiff and you’ll feel so wicked you’ll need to go to church! On the flip side, this can also be a very relaxing blend for and some find using it before bed has a calming effect helping them to fall asleep with ease. Try it in a bit of lotion or some perfume on your pulse points before bed for a blissful night’s sleep.

In the Pixie: Chocolate Lavender and damp Earth.  Wheeee!
On Me:  Jasmine for a minute with a lovely astringent Lavender, then HELLO high-pitched Patchouli.  Why are you here? Will you relax so I can smell all the nice notes?  Nope.
Into my aging box it goes.
On My Son: Pass until it ages some.


Red Girl –
Valhalla Soap Company
General Catalogue

Inspired by the archaeological dig in Birka, Sweden and the legend of the “Red Girl”. Birka was one of the two largest trading settlements of the Viking age. Known today as the discovery site of the “Birka Warrior Woman” grave site. Could she be the “Red Girl” of legend who commanded and entire viking fleet of her own? You’ll have to be the judge. 
Our inspirational fragrance is an Oriental Floral Amber that opens with green notes of Mandarin Leaf and Orange Blossom flowing into a heart of heady night-blooming Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose and Vetiver. The base has rich, sensual notes of Sandalwood, Bourbon Vanilla, Amber, Labdanum and Tonka Bean. Though we named this after a woman, this scent blend is very unisex and will easily appeal to both sexes.

In the Pixie: Sandalwood, Amber, and Rose, with hints of Citrus.  No Jasmine.
On Me: Where’d it all go?  It’s a warm Vanilla Sugar.  I think I will have to wear this in a locket to get the other notes.  On the plus side, I know what my next Botanical Face & Body Cream is gonna be!
On My Son: Sniffs of Orange with a nice Vanilla.


Valhalla Soap Company
General Catalogue

You can almost taste it…the smell is so thick. You close your eyes and smell the aroma of sap from the surrounding Cedar and Fir forests. Dragon’s Blood worn for protection warms from your body heat and releases it’s rich, exotic scent. The smoke of pillaging fires still hangs in the air. You breathe deeply and inhale the sweet smell of Viktory!! And tonight you shall feast from the plunder!!

In the Pixie: Forests and Dragon’s Blood.
On Me: Evergreen needles and resin sweetening the Campfire.  I LOVE THIS!
On My Son: MINE!

(Yes Folks, cue up Yakety Sax as I run to try to get his review, Pixie Vial clutched tightly as he evades my pursuit.)


Valhalla Soap Company
General Catalogue

The Gallowglass were warrior hunks of the Norse-Gaelic clans of Scotland. They were the elite of the warriors. Our inspired blend opens with the sweet-spicy notes of lemon verbena rolling into green leaves of iris and violet coming to rest on a sexy bed of Mysore sandalwood and ambergris. If only every man could smell like this.

In the Pixie: Very sharp fresh green, hints of muskiness.
On Me: Once the ‘rolling in the dewy grass’ fades a bit, it’s very Woodsy and Musky, with a lovely masculine Violet.(*looks for the nearest kilt-wearing guy to slather this on*)
On My Son: Staring at the clouds lying in the grass back home.


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Ars Amatoria Pt. II

I’m going to continue four at a time with what I own of this collection…


The amber necklace of Freyja, Norse Goddess of Love, Sex, Attraction and Fruitfulness. Her magnificent necklace was bough from four Dwarves [Alfrik, Berling, Dvalin and Grer] at the price of four nights of her passion. When Brisingamen graces your throat, no man can resist your charms.

A glittering mantle of rich golden notes: five ambers, soft myrtle, apple blossom and carnation.

In the Bottle: AmberAmberAmberAmberAmber! Apple and Carnation!

On Me: Oh my stars the Amber is beautiful, then the Apple and Carnations drift in.  It’s so delicate, and yet potent all in one.

On My Son: Declined due to Flower farts on the Apples.



A sinful, licentious scent: self-indulgent and luxurious.

Mingled heady civet and red Egyptian musk, thickened with opium.

In the Bottle: Boozy, drowsy, and sweet.

On Me: Right out the gate the Opium is stunning.  This company makes some of the best blends with it, and I live to bask in them.  The Egyptian Musk is potent, but not overwhelming like some I’ve sampled.  The Civet adds to the overall sweetness and I think is taming the Egyptian Musk down.

It’s all-in-all a boozy, sweet, Opium heavy scent, balanced by a drowsy muskiness.

On My Son:  Very sweet spicy musk, yet softly masculine on him.  He’s unsure if he likes it or not.

(As a Mother to a 12+1, I kinda want to tell him not to like it, as this could garner a LOT of attention on him.)


A salacious, lecherous, leering scent – dirty and dark, slapped with a wet sweetness.

Earthy black patchouli swelling with apricot.

In the Bottle: Loamy damp soil and Trees with overripe Apricots hanging from them.

On Me: Rich black soil and juicy Apricots.

On My Son: Same.  He asked about the description, as he didn’t agree with it.  After I turned fifty billion shades of embarrassed, I told him it was half of a double entendre, with the innocent part left off.  He then said he didn’t want to know.

We had to do a late-night store run for a few pounds of Apricots and heavy cream…yummy.


The overwhelming agony of passion crystallized into a singularly dark and magnetic blend: bittersweet neroli, black patchouli and black musk, gilded by apple, bergamot, blood red rose, teak, and vanilla.

In the Bottle:  Darkly sweet Apples and rose(if you’ve ever smelled BPAL’s Yule favourite Snow White, it’s like that minus the Snow, then add tea, Black Patchouli, and Black Musk.  Like the Wicked Queen making that Poisoned Apple.

On Me: Despite it saying dark in the description, and all the dark notes, it’s very light and pretty.  The Rose is brightened by the Neroli, Bergamot, and apple, the Black Musk and Black Patchouli lending a grounding balance to a very delicate scent.  It’s a very sweet, fruity floral, perfect for High tea(Bergamot always smells like tea to me) socials.  I wanted that bottle smell, so I’m probably going to locket this one unless it ages into a darker scent.  It’s still a stunner, but for unanticipated reasons.

On My Son:  Declined due to it being too girly sweet on his Mum.



**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me, or were gifts with purchase.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


More lovely Possets

This is the second half of the sweet gift a friend sent us.  Of the six, I think only one isn’t going to be a planned bottle purchase later.


Ode to Aphrodite

Possets Perfume

Ode to Aphrodite is one of the few complete poems by the poet Sappho. In it she pleads with the Goddess Aphrodite to help her persue a love interest. This fragrance is an homage to that poem and to the desire to have divine intervention in matters of the heart.

oakmoss, sandalwood, sage, citrus, Possets’ synthetic ambergris accord.

Ode to Aphrodite

Iridescent-throned Aphrodite, deathless
Child of Zeus, wile-weaver, I now implore you,
Don’t–I beg you, Lady–with pains and torments
Crush down my spirit,
But before if ever you’ve heard my pleadings
Then return, as once when you left your father’s
Golden house; you yoked to your shining car your
Wing-whirring sparrows;

Skimming down the paths of the sky’s bright ether
On they brought you over the earth’s black bosom,
Swiftly–then you stood with a sudden brilliance,
Goddess, before me;
Deathless face alight with your smile, you asked me
What I suffered, who was my cause of anguish,
What would ease the pain of my frantic mind, and
Why had I called you
To my side: “And whom should Persuasion summon
Here, to soothe the sting of your passion this time?
Who is now abusing you, Sappho? Who is
Treating you cruelly?
Now she runs away, but she’ll soon pursue you;
Gifts she now rejects–soon enough she’ll give them;
Now she doesn’t love you, but soon her heart will
Burn, though unwilling.”
Come to me once more, and abate my torment;
Take the bitter care from my mind, and give me
All I long for; Lady, in all my battles
Fight as my comrade.

In the Vial:  It smells like a classy herbal Fougere.  I think my son will want to try this later.
On Me:  Definitely Fougere class.  The Sage and Citrus sort of melt into the Ambergris, lending a pale masculine muskiness to it…it’s very Shakespearean.  This is one I absolutely must have two of–one to set away to age into a masterpiece, while also having one to wear now, alone or layered with something Violet.  Perhaps it’s my peculiar chemistry that favours the masculine side of scents like this, but it doesn’t read as feminine much at all, but it’s very beautiful and bright.
On My Son:  *me walking by* What’s that smell?  *tells him the name* Can I try it anyway?  This is good.  I could see this as a base, and maybe The Raven or Melancholy Tesla going with it.

(See?  What did I tell you about Violets?  BPAL’s The Raven and ZOMG Smells Melancholy Tesla both have Violets.)



Water Witch

Possets Perfume

The name “Water Witch” has been associated with this blend since its initial development last year. The association between witches and Halloween indicated a Halloween 2018 release. We were wrong.

A Water Witch descended this Spring upon the Ohio River valley in the form of floods and torrential rains. This Witch has nothing to do with Halloween. She is a Spring Witch, full of the promise of the future blooms of flowers once she has has her way with the earth.

acquatic, salt, jasmine, mandarin, rosehip, underlying hint of animalic essences

In the Vial: Fresh Jasmine blooming in the salty sea air.
On Me: Like in the vial, but add the fresh scent of ripe oranges, adding a bright and sunny tang to a very pretty floral.
On My Son: Pass on account of overwhelming floral, despite him liking Jasmine in masculine scents.



Silver Cedar

Possets Perfume

Silver Cedar combines Possets’ Silver accord with Virginia Cedarwood. A satisfying, soothing and calming blend, perfect for everyday use! This silver is sure to become a classic.

Vanilla, a hint of light florals, a bit of lemon and Virginia Cedar.

In the Vial:  Gently sweet, heavily Cedar.  I love the Silver Accord, it’s so pretty.
On Me: It first starts off like another scent I own, ZOMG Smells “Camping in a Vanilla Forest“, then morphs into a spicy yet sweet woodsy scent.  It’s a woodsy fantasia.
On My Son:  *sniffs*  Did you accidentally grab “Camping in a Vanilla Forest”?

Me: Give it a minute.

*sniffs again*  Wow, it’s sort of a black pepper- sweet tree smell, like a silver vase on a hot windowsill with skinny tree branches stuck in it.

Me: *sniffs his wrist, then mine*  Yeah, kinda.

Both:  I like this.



**These Possets fragrances were gifted to us by friends.  Reviews are our love and thanks.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Ars Amatoria Pt. I

So I’ve managed to post a lot about special charity or event scents.  Or Limited Edition, Holiday collections, Full Moon Fever.  Here’s some of the beloved, or underappreciated General Catalogue scents.   I’m not even joking when I say that I can post four scents every week for a couple of years and not scratch the surface of how massive their General Catalogue is, or how vastly different, from gothic to geeky, floral, gourmand, fougere, masculine, feminine, androgynous, woodsy, resinous, clean, light, dark.

Deciding what collection to begin with was also an arduous task.  I will note that quite a few of these in this collection are extremely girly or floral, so you will see very few of Tiny Human’s reviews other than he declines on grounds of smelling like flowers showered him or some such silliness.



If you were queen of pleasure,
And I were king of pain,
We ‘d hunt down love together,
Pluck out his flying-feather,
And teach his feet a measure,
And I were king of pain.

An exploration of love, lust, desire, longing, and despair.


Aperotos Eros

Strong as death, and cruel as the grave,
Clothed with cloud and tempest’s blackening breath,
Known of death’s dread self, whom none outbrave,
Strong as death,

Love, brow-bound with anguish for a wreath,
Fierce with pain, a tyrant-hearted slave,
Burns above a world that groans beneath.

Hath not pity power on thee to save,
Love? hath power no pity? Nought he saith,
Answering: blind he walks as wind or wave,
Strong as death.

Unloving love: benzoin, Indian musk, massoia bark, myrrh, ambrette seed, galbanum, bergamot, and fir.

In the Bottle: Citrusy, resinous, woodsy, musky.

On Me:  Wow.  This is a heady masculine.  The Myrrh and Evergreen sort of melt into the Musk and Ambrette seed, which always leans warm musk. The Bergamot always says tea to me, and here it completes the image of a refined gentleman having a proper cuppa.

On My Son: Very woodsy, moreso than on me.  The tea note is very prominent on him, and the musk less so.  (I always tend to amp certain musk notes, so no surprise there.)  The Myrrh is stunningly beautiful here.  He said it’s a suit and tie kind of scent, for fancy party or business meeting.   It’s not your every day scent. (As a Lady, I disagree.  I’d love to smell that on a nice guy daily.)


Ave Maria Gratia Plena

Was this His coming! I had hoped to see
A scene of wondrous glory, as was told
Of some great God who in a rain of gold
Broke open bars and fell on Danae:
Or a dread vision as when Semele
Sickening for love and unappeased desire
Prayed to see God’s clear body, and the fire
Caught her brown limbs and slew her utterly:
With such glad dreams I sought this holy place,
And now with wondering eyes and heart I stand
Before this supreme mystery of Love:
Some kneeling girl with passionless pale face,
An angel with a lily in his hand,
And over both the white wings of a Dove.

A pale, delicate, truly angelic blend. A scent created to emulate Adonis’ halo of beauty: fragile, distant, and radiant. Rosewood with Sicilian lemon peel, red Mysore sandalwood, pale musks, sweet mountain sage and a dusting of lily, night-blooming jasmine and orris.

In the Bottle: Woodsy and Herbal, with a hint of Citrus.  Florals very light.

On Me:  Hello Flowers!  Citrusy woods cascade down into a pool of Jasmine.  Whuff!  I like Jasmine, but wasn’t expecting it to be heavy here with that description.  I actually liked it in the bottle, so locket for me.  Oh my poor baby is going to be unhappy in about 30 seconds…

On My Son: Scrubbed it off due to “The dusting of Jasmine and Lily being a wee bit too strong in this one.”

He’s worn Jasmine blends before, but those are heavy masculine scents that the florals accent.  I have to agree, this is quite a bit more floral on than in the bottle, which smelled more masculine.



The Seventh Daughter, Daughter of the Oath. She was King David’s lover, and the mother of King Solomon.

Her scent is breathtakingly lovely, exotic and powerfully sensual in its innocence: carnation, sensual plum, and Arabian musk.

In the Bottle: Minty Carnations, and spiced plum.  This has promise.

On Me: Whoa!  This is a pretty heavy, heady brew.  I love Carnations, they’re so light and girly, and while it technically is a Carnation blend, the Plum and musk turn it into a sexy, boozy, fruity floral.  This is a very grown up Carnation.

On My Son:  Declined due to more than a Pffft! of flower farts and girly shenanigans.


Bien Loin D’Ici

This is the house, the sacred box,
Where, always draped in languorous frocks,
And always at home if someone knocks,

One elbow into the pillow pressed,
She lies, and lazily fans her breast,
While fountains weep their soulfullest:

This is the chamber of Dorothy.
Fountain and breeze for her alone
Sob in that soothing undertone.
Was ever so spoiled a harlot known?

With odorous oils and rosemary,
Benzoin and every unguent grown,
Her skin is rubbed most delicately.
The flowers are faint with ecstasy.

The Scarlet Woman, aglow with sensual indolence: red musk, benzoin, caramel accord, golden honey, and spiced Moroccan unguents.

In the Bottle: Honeyed Spices, Musk, Sticky Caramel.

On Me:  Same as the bottle…for about twenty minutes, then the Honey faded and took most of the sweetness away, leaving a high-pitched Spicy Musk.  Gave my kiddo an unexpected surprise, so he had a cold compress and a lie-down, and this is the last one today.  Locket scent in the future, because I love how it is in the bottle.

On My Son: Declined.  Said it was a headache in a bottle after I put it on. Explanation above.


**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me, or were gifts with purchase.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**