General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Illyria Pt. I


I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine:
There sleeps Titania sometime of the night,
Lull’d in these flowers with dances and delight;
And there the snake throws her enamell’d skin,
Weed wide enough to wrap a fairy in:
And with the juice of this I’ll streak her eyes,
And make her full of hateful fantasies.
Take thou some of it, and seek through this grove:
A sweet Athenian lady is in love
With a disdainful youth: anoint his eyes;
But do it when the next thing he espies
May be the lady: thou shalt know the man
By the Athenian garments he hath on.
Effect it with some care, that he may prove
More fond on her than she upon her love:
And look thou meet me ere the first cock crow.

The Shakespearean Collection.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s olfactory paean to Shakespeare’s body of work.


The embodiment of Classic masculinity. A warrior’s scent: the green hills and grasses of the battlefields, the resinous incense from the prayers to his Gods, and a touch of the musky leather of his armor. Ambergris and frankincense with sage, and basil.

In the Imp: Greenery, Incense, and Leather.
On Me: Sage and Frankincense very skin close. Where’s the Leather?
On My Son: Here it is. Can you please take it?
Me: (T-T)


Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open and show riches
Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked,
I cried to dream again.

The scent of the salty seas, bittersweet wine, palm and tropical ferns.

In the Imp: Worst Pirate Island ever. There’s communion wine instead of Rum.
On Me: Wine Casks on a deserted island.
On My Son: *being cheeky* [Captain Jack Sparrow]Why’s the Rum Gone?[/Captain Jack Sparrow]

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The essence of faith, love and devotion: lilac, lemon, green tea, wisteria, osmanthus, white cedar, and Chinese musk.

In the Imp: Lilacs and citrus tea.
On Me: Citrus Tea and florals with a hint of Cedar.
On My Son: I’m scared. Too much flowery stuff. Maybe later?


I’ll follow thee and make a heaven of hell,
To die upon the hand I love so well.

Rose amber, calla lily, night-blooming jasmine, water lily,

In the Imp: Hot house flowers.
On Me: So Lilies! Much Love!(Kiddo and TROLLCAT both are glowering at me for the Doge nod.)
On My Son: Nope. Nope. Nope.




**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Excolo Pt. VIII

That’s it for Excolo, next up is Illyria.


The Norse Sister-Goddesses of destiny, who measure the lives and fortunes of both Gods and Men and hold steady the ineffable laws of the cosmos. They are preservers and protectors of the Tree of Life and the Well of Fate, and give assistance during the birth of every mortal and divine creature.



Ylang ylang, honey, Egyptian and Arabian musks and labdanum.

In the Imp: Honey drenched musks, resin, and flowers.  Wait, honey?  Oh no, this is going to be…interesting.
On Me: This is beautiful, sweet, resinous musks and the Honey and Ylang Ylang lends a creamy sweet floral reminiscent of Stargazers.  Twenty minutes later the Honey is gone, and with it, the Musks go haywire on me, smelling foul.  Locket only from now on.
On My Son: Ooh, this is rather exotic, and almost perfect for me, just need those flowers to calm down.
Me: (T-T)



Muscadine, black and red patchouli, cereus and nag champa.

In the Imp: Cactus Flowers in damp earth.
On Me:  Cereus and I are not friends, nor is Nag Champa.  This is an earthy Cactus flower threaded with high and sweet Nag Champa smoke and a sweet wine booziness.  Maybe…nope, high-pitched florals.  It stinks, because real cactus flowers are so ethereal and lovely, and once it hits my skin it’s a very perfumey high-pitched floral.
On My Son: *backs away slowly*  I can pass on this, right?
Me: Yes, I insist.




Deep herbs and apple with black amber.

In the Imp: Apples and Amber and green, oh my!
On Me: This is like an greener cousin of Brisingamen, replacing the Carnations with a fresh green.
On My Son:  No flowers in this like in Brisingamen, so I’ll try it.  It’s like our old back yard, we had an herb garden…all fresh, grassy, and green.  Apples are sun-warmed, fresh and crisp, ripe on the trees.  The Amber is soft, lending an incense note.  I like this one.




**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Excolo Pt. VII

EXCOLO-The Kindly Ones

Unceasing In Anger

Olive leaf, raspberry leaf, vetiver and cedarwood.

In the Imp: Fresh Olive Oil and evergreens.
On Me: Olives and trees. Raspberry leaves add a touch of sweet, like the birds dripped juice on the leaves as they ate.
On My Son: Woodsy and sweet, but not fruity sweet, or candy sweet, but sweet.

The Unwilling, The Jealous One

Orris, black amber, bergamot, plum and grapefruit.

[reformulated 5/1/2005]

In the Imp: Plum Earl Grey and Powder.
On Me: It’s soft, but thankfully not powdery on, but the Plummy Earl Grey remains.
On My Son: Juicy Tea. Strange.

The Avenger of Murder

Oleander with black patchouli, ylang ylang, and neroli.

In the Imp: Citrus, Lilies, and fresh dirt.
On Me: Sparkling Citrus floral with just enough grounding earthiness.
On My Son: Nope. Not for me. Too much flowers, not enough Dirt and Citrus.




**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Excolo Pt. VI


The Graces, the Charities, the the Gratiæ: Goddesses of beauty, charm, celebration and merriment. They are the personification of all these aspects as found in both nature and mortal life. Daughters of Zeus and the oceanid Eurynome, they are Aphrodite’s attendants and work in harmony with the Muses as fountains of inspiration in the arts. In their aspect as fertility and nature deities, these Goddesses are associated with the Underworld and the Eleusinian Mysteries.


Three golden ambers, bright musk, peach wine and myrtle.

In the Imp: Peach Brandy and Amber.
On Me: Beautiful Amber like in Brisingamen…then the Peach-mageddon begins.
On My Son: Juicy Peaches and grapes, light incense.
Me: All yours.


Gardenia, tea rose, vanilla and jasmine.

In the Imp: A sweet and heady posset.
On Me: Another for the locket…too, too strong florals.
On My Son: This is all yours Mom.

Good Cheer

Plumeria, pear and white champagne.

In the Imp: Pears and Champagne and one of those huge floral Lei’s.
On Me: Plumeria is a bit strong in the beginning, but backs off into an effervescent floral with Pear.
On My Son: Not today please.




**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Excolo Pt. V

Seventh is Sjöfn. She is much concerned to direct people’s minds to love, both women and men. Our song to the Norse Goddess of Love is scented with apples and birch and bound with apple blossoms.

In the Imp: Apple trees in the Spring, combined with Apples ripening in Autumn.
On Me: I smell like an Apple tree!
On My Son: Apples, fresh and crisp, and just sweet enough.

Lord of the Smoking Mirror, god of sorcery, nighttime, darkness, beauty, war, heroic men, beautiful women, and all material concerns. Tezcatlipoca is the Master Magician, a trickster god and shapeshifter, governing all worldly matters, and is also the Great Tempter, seducing men into evil acts and subsequently punishing them for their transgressions. Deep cocoa laced with patchouli, leather armor, ritual incense, and a touch of Xochiquetzal’s flowers

In the Imp: Cocoa butter polished Leather and incense smoke.
On Me: I was waiting for flowers(Most of the BPAL chocolates I’ve tried with flowers were Cereus, which hates me.).  If there are, they blend in well.
On My Son: Chocolate and Incense.  I like it.  The Leather is really soft, like in Man-Cake(ZOMG Smells), so not too much.

It is the lady of midnight and she has arrived! She of Two Faces, She Who Eats Filth, the Death Caused by Lust – Tlazolteotl – is the Aztec goddess of the regenerative function of the earth, human sexuality, and fertility. She represents the active female principle in the eternal cycle of life feeding death and death feeding life. Her arms, dressed in flayed skins, embrace mirrored principles of sin and purification: she inspires lust, depravity, overindulgence, vice, lechery, and licentiousness, and is also empowered to cleanse and forgive moral, spiritual, and fleshly sins. Her scent is a melding of her symbols and offerings: chapapote and black copal with cacao, black honey, maize, and cotton blossoms.

In the Imp: Resins, Pitch(I swear it’s in here!), Chocolates, and sun warmed Cotton.
On Me: Have you ever smelled a Cotton Blossom?  Pretty perfect here, then Chocolate Melting into Resins and hot streets. There’s a hint of Corn, but just a hint.
On My Son: It smells like this Chocolate Incense Mom lights for me.

Patron of the Aztec pantheon, he is the personification of light within darkness, warmth in the cold, and life in, and after, death. He is a creative and destructive God of Fire and Light, and is appeased only by sacrifice, trial, and the slaughter of his people’s enemies. Copal, plumeria and sweet orange and the smoke of South American incense and crushed jungle blooms.

In the Imp: Citrusy, and heady florals.
On Me: Pretty, but it needs a locket because the florals are overwhelming on me today.
On My Son: Nope.

Lady of the Ocean, Queen of Mothers, Mother of the Children of the Fishes. She is the River of Life, the ocean is her womb, and she is the mother of many of the Orishas. Yemaya shares the oceans with her lover / brother / son / brother-self, Olokun, and She governs the uppermost part of the waters where the sun’s rays mingle with Her waters to promote life and growth. Yemaya is everlasting, She is motherhood, the universal drive for the survival of a species, the procreative urge, the instinct of a mother protecting her young, and She is the governess of all life on Earth. She is the Most Fruitful of Women, and both She and Olokun are the protectors and benefactors of those who wish to conceive. Yemaya, being the mother of Shango, also has jurisdiction over rain and snow. She has seven roads and seven manifestations, all corresponding to the Seven Seas. She is the blood that pumps through our veins, and the sound of our blood rushing through our bodies is Her lullaby. She is in constant motion, never resting, ever vigilant and though she may seem calm on the surface, there is always activity within Her waters. The Great Mother possesses breathtaking beauty, patience and a gentle hand, yet She is also fearsome, temperamental, moody and stern. She nurtures her children, but She is also a disciplinarian. She is symbolized by the fish, mermaid, seagull, wharf rat, ibis, vulture and duck, and She shares the beauty of the peacock feather with Oshun. Her ofrenda is a bounty of melons and grapes, strewn with the petals of the flowers of motherhood, draped with sea mosses.

In the Imp: Melon wine.
On Me: It’s like Midori soaked into the dirt, crushed petals underfoot.
On My Son: I’m not fond of Honeydew or Cantaloupe, so pass.


**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Excolo Pt. IV

Whimsical, temperamental, radiant and ravishingly beautiful Goddess of Volcanoes, Fire, Lightning and Dance. She is the Mother of Eruptions and the personification of destructive power. Volcanic eruptions are said to be a side-effect of her jealous rages and her epic quarrels with her siblings are legendary. This perfume embodies her gentler, benign aspect as the capricious Goddess of Dance: muguet and Hawaiian white ginger enveloped by warm, damp tropical blooms.

In the Bottle: Ginger Blossoms. The same kind in San Cristobal de la Habana. Those big beautiful blooms they weave into Lei.
On Me: Warm tropical breezes and Ginger Blossoms. Delicately floral. It’s so lovely. I never would have bought it on my own as I have the other ginger blossom perfume, but a friend thought I’d like it. I’m going to enjoy wearing it this Summer, as it’s light and pretty.
On My Son: It smells like the Beach back home.
Me: Indiana Beaches never smelled like this.
My Son: It smells like warm sand, and iced Ginger tea.
Me: He shoots, he scores! Ding! Point to the Tiny Human.

Beautiful, radiant daughter of Demeter… her lovliness was so exquisite that even Hell itself could not resist her. Pomegranate and rose.

In the Imp: Pomegranate freshly opened.
On Me: Juicy sweet Pomegranate seeds. Where’s the rose?
On My Son: It smells like delicious Pom Juice. You did it to me again!
Me: I did nothing of the sort. *crosses fingers*

The Moroccan Goddess of Carnal Desire. Dwelling in fresh-water springs and rivers, she is doom: her embrace drives men mad with mindless lust. Sacrifices are made to the Lady of Lust on the Summer Solstice in the hopes of placating her passions and driving her red-tinged gaze away. Black musk, blackened saffron, lemon peel, and vetiver draped over thick honey.

In the Imp: Honey-Lemon Musk.
On Me: Honey hates me, but here we go. It’s a green sweet scent, Honey and Lemon blending with the Saffron making it softly sweet, then the Black Musk darkens it a bit. I love this! Twenty minutes later, Honey faded. Boo! Not enough sweet to carry it. Will have to layer my SS Sun-warmed Honey and wear it later.
On My Son: It’s really good. I want some Honey Lemon Tea now.
Me: (T-T)*makes him tea*

The Wrath of God, the Most Beautiful Lord of Lightning, the Owner of All Palaces. He is the illumination of a lightning strike in the night sky, and is the retributive strike of the rightful king. Shango punishes those who are not living up to their responsibilities. He gives insight to the truth in all circumstances, and is the essence of the thrill and excitement in life that makes every day worth living. To love Shango is to live life to the fullest, no matter what pains the world inflicts upon you. He is Wrath, and his lightning bolts and gouts of fire remind all of his strength and power. It is said that Lord Shango only speaks to his children once; when the God illuminates an answer for you, you had best understand with no further questions. Shango is trial by fire, the honing and refinement of the spirit, the ability to distinguish between truth and lies. He is a dual-faced God: King and Exile, miser and philanthropist, just and ruthless, honest and devious. Shango is the Lord of Persuasion, and his glib tongue can intimidate, coerce, sway and seduce. He is quick wit, articulate words, and the ability to think on one’s feet. He is the King that can incite and enflame the masses with the power of his speech. His words are the sensual murmurs of the lothario, the slick wheedle of the grifter, the convincing argument of the barrister, the dangerous charm of the pimp, the inspiration of the warrior general, and the invigorating exhortations of the monarch. The Roar of Shango is a Universal Truth. Shango governs all professions that cater to the needs and weaknesses of the people. He is the absolute and perfect Male creature, and the rain that falls to earth is His blessed, sublime semen, giving life to the world. His abundant seed washes the land and replenishes Earth’s seas, rivers and oceans. He sneers at cowardice, and demands that all of his children have daring spirits, strength of will, nerve and *balls*. Courage is of the utmost importance, as it empowers us to face adversity with dignity and enables us to act decisively and with resourcefulness. Live, don’t simply exist. Shango’s gifts make it possible for us to find the shortest distance between two points, wring out the best from every situation, recover from every seeming loss and every defeat, and defy all odds to reach our goals. He teaches us wily strategies, masterful tactics, and shows us the value of friendship and camaraderie. His is the comfortable, casual friendship found in just hanging out and having a good time with the guys. Shango is Challenge, the concept of finding the best parts of yourself through conflict and adversity. Shango’s weapon is the double-headed axe, and His animals are the black cat and the leopard.

The Master of Lightning’s ofrenda contains red apples, banana, chili pepper, coconut, pineapple, pomegranate and sugar cane.

In the Imp: Spiced Cane Juice, poured over Apples and Coconut.
On Me: I smell like a confused fruit salad.
On My Son: Banana, Apple, Coconut…Mom, why do I smell like a tropical fruit Salad?
Me: Because Shango is a confused little fruit salad deity.


**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Excolo Pt. III

Happy New Year everyone!  It smells amazing!


The Spirit of the Divine Messenger, the Lord of the Crossroads, He Who Owns All Doors and Roads in this World. He is the intermediary between the Orishas and mankind, and stands at the intersection of humanity and the Divine. He opens all paths of communication, both mundane and Heavenly.

His ofrenda contains coconut, tobacco and sweet, sugared rum.

In the Imp: Coconut Rum and sweet pipe Tobacco.
On Me: Coconut Rum(the one straight from the Cayman Islands, really smooth, sweet, and sneaky. A lovely pipeful of sweet Tobacco to go with the perfect Rum.
On My Son: Coconut milk, sticky and gloppy, poured over ice cream.
Me: That would be Cream of Coconut, like I use in Piña Coladas, also called a Pineapple-Coconut slushy.
My Son: You have your Coconut Milk, and I have mine.


The Basque God of Night and all the perils of the darkness. Though he is the God of the Danger that Lurks in the Gloom, he is kind to men and warns them against the nighttime hazards and sets rules of conduct for both the living and the dead as they travel through his domain. It is said that since the warm, vibrant daylight is for the living, the abodes of night are reserved for the dead. All who heed his counsel are protected, but woe be to any man that disobeys the laws of Gaueko: he is swift to punish those that would scorn his advice. Blackened sandalwood and misty lavender, with curling wisps of smoky tobacco, nag champa, and labdanum.

In the Imp: Headshop incense. *Closes vial fast*
On Me: Pass, That Nag Champa needs to age out of headshop phase.
On My Son: *sneakily takes the imp and tries it*
Me: *sniffs* (Lavender and Sandalwood and Incense with a sweet resin.) What did you put on? I haven’t smelled that one yet.
My Son: Yes you did. Gaueko. You closed it real fast, put it down, and ran upstairs to splash water on your face.
Me: (T-T)


Magnificent three-faced Goddess of Magic, the Dark Moon and the Crossroads. She is the Mother of Witches, and the midnight baying of hounds is her paean. Her compassion is evidenced in her role as Psychopomp for Persephone, and her wrath manifests as Medea’s revenge.

Deep, buttery almond layered over myrrh and dark musk.

In the Imp: Musky Myrrh and Syrupy Cherries. Wait, didn’t we already do this one?
On Me: Myrrh, and Bitter Almonds. Ooh, my favourite type of Musk taking the initial Cherry impression away, and leaving me with a dark musky Almond infused Myrrh. Huh.
On My Son: It smells like Bastet on me. Why?
Me: Give it a few.
My Son: Okay, now I like it. It’s a grown up Myrrh scent.
Me: You just need to wait and let it dry, or rub your wrists together.

Old Nick, the Devil himself, as seen through the eyes of Victorian New England. A jaunty, dapper scent, deceptively genteel: a lavender fougere with tonka, amber, rosewood and a whiff of diabolical patchouli.

In the Imp: Evil, soft Lavender Amber Fougere. Lighter than Dorian. Vanilla and Patchouli blends well together.
On Me: This is really good, and familiar…what is it? I got it! It’s like Houbigant Fougere Royale, and then they make it dark.
On My Son: You already know what I’m going to do, right Mom?
Me: Yes I do, and you can have it as I have another hidden away.
My Son: Thank you. I really like this one, I could see Watson wearing it.




**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**