General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Bewitching Brews Pt. X

Shocking, horrific, fierce, savage, sensationalized, luminous and hazy: black currant, Bulgarian lavender and white musk with a dollop of thick resin and a voltaic charge of ozone notes.

In the Imp: Another gorgeous stormy scent, with a boozy streak.
On Me: It’s a more comfortable storm scent. Lightning is visceral, not for the faint of heart. This is more sitting inside watching it through double-paned glass. The astringent Lavender and boozy Currants add to the comfortable notion.
On My Son: It always makes me want to take a nap.

Mary Read
Salt air, ocean mist, aged patchouli, sarsaparilla, watered-down rum, leather-tinged musk, and a spray of gunpowder.

In the Imp: More Piratical scents, Arrr!
On Me: That scene in Pirates of the Caribbean…Captain Jack Sparrow: Stop blowing holes in my Ship! I imagine it smells like that.
On My Son: Oooh, yeah. More Pirate smells for me! *yoink*

A festive, dazzling blend, layered in mystery and intrigue. Patchouli, ambergris, carnation and orange blossom.

In the Imp: I had to age it, as fresh, it smelled like NAVA Medusa with a bouquet of carnations, and Hippie Patchouli and orange is nope(I’m patiently waiting for Medusa to age because it smells amazing on Tiny Human, and he really wants me to like it.).
On Me: After it’s aged a bit, it’s like you took Zarita, The Doll Girl and made it almost masculine. It’s lovely, but not very sweet. If I didn’t have my favourite carnations, I’d buy a couple bottles of this.
On My Son: Nope. No you don’t Mom!
Me: *pouts*

Earth sorceress and mother of Mordred, she is, in essence, the harbinger of King Arthur’s doom and the downfall of Camelot. She is a sister, or sister-self, to Morgan Le Fay. A bouquet of five night-blooming flowers deepened by dusky violet, purple fruits and the barest breath of medieval incenses.

In the Imp: Pretty and purple.
On Me: It’s very plummy, a wee bit smoky, and a huge explosion of heady hothouse flowers.
On My Son: Nope nope nope. Especially big nope to girly flower covered fruits and incense.


**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


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