General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Bewitching Brews Pt. V

Calico Jack
Sea air, driftwood, waterlogged kelp, and the memory of plundered spices sprayed over worn leathers, rough musk, and the salty wooden floorboards of the Revenge.

In the Imp: Seawater, Seaweed, Woods
On Me: Will review when I can pry the plunder from my Wee Pirate Lord…
On My Son: It smells like a Pirate Ship… Mine!

*cue up the music folks*

A negatively charged scent. Ambergris, Spanish Moss, oakmoss and three electric mints.

In the Imp: Ozone, Moss, and Mint.
On Me: It’s like a huge storm is rolling in, and you’re in the woods walking. That sharp smell of incoming rain, scent of the forest floor, not the trees, but the mossy ground.
On My Son: Minty, very minty. TROLLCAT loves it.

Dana O’Shee
In Irish folklore the Dana O’Shee are a fae, elven people that live in a realm of beauty, their nobility akin to our that own Age of Chivalry, eternally beautiful and eternally young. They surround themselves with the pleasures of the Arts, they live for the hunt, and to this day can be seen riding in procession through the Irish countryside at twilight, led by their King and Queen. However, the Dana O’Shee are not benevolent creatures, despite what their unearthly beauty may imply. They are vengeful and treacherous and possess a streak of mischievous malice, and many have whispered that their true home lies deep in the shadowed groves of the Realm of the Dead. Hearing even a single chord of their otherworldly music leaves one stunned and lost to the mortal realms for ever, finding themselves prey to the Dana O’Shee’s hunt or enslaved in their Court as servants or playthings.

Offerings of milk, honey and sweet grains were made to placate these creatures, and it is that the basis of the scent created in their name.

In the Imp: Milk and Honey, and warm cereal.
On Me: Comforting sweet grains.
On My Son: It smells like a hug. It’s supposed to be cereal, but to me it’s a hug,

John Dee: master of science, alchemy and magic, Hermetic philosopher in the schools of Rosicrucian Christian Mysticism and Platonic-Pythagorean doctrine, and Queen Elizabeth’s astrologer, advisor, cryptologist and spy. With Edward Kelly, he created a field of study and work in Angelic Evocation, and isolated the Angelic language: Enochian. His scent is soft English leather, rosewood and tonka with a hint of incense, parchment and soft woods.

In the Imp: Books.
On Me: Leather bound books on an antique desk of exotic woods.
On My Son: It smells like a library.


**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


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