General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Bewitching Brews Pt. I


Bewitching Brews

Fall under the spell of our Green Fairy! An intoxicating blend containing wormwood essence, light mints, cardamom, anise, hyssop, and the barest hint of lemon.

In the Imp:  Smells like Black liquorice.  Hmm…
On Me:  Not quite Absinthe. It’s pretty, but it’s richly citrusy with whiffs of Anise and spice.  Cooling and refreshing, like ice.
On My Son:  Minty Lemondrops.  Thought this was a liquorice smell.  I still like it.

Anne Bonny
Named in honor of the most notorious female pirate to ever set sail. Wicked, cruel, beautiful, intelligent, resourceful and dangerous: a true role model. A blend of Indonesian red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense. A million thanks to Juliana Williamson-Page for inspiration!

In the Imp:  Not trying this.  The Patchouli overwhelms it with a nauseating mawkishness.  Can’t smell anything else.
On Me: Not trying this, she stinks like a dirty hippie!
Him: Guys, I found several imps of this in the try-it pile, and got Mom with the darkest one because it smells very woodsy and incensey.
Me: I cannot believe you did that!
Him: Love you!
Me: *weensie fingers* This much.
Him: *arms wide open* Thiiiiis much!
Me: Since you found an aged one, and got me, I’ll talk about it. I guess I can say it’s not too bad, the Patchouli is a bit more subdued here, and the woods blend in fairly nice with the resins. If I were to wear this, however, I’d add some tobacco or a rum scent to add to the pirate theme, because I really don’t like it as-is…then again, maybe she needs more aging.

The essence of magickal enigmas and long-forgotten esoteric mysteries. Frankincense, rosemary, lavender, neroli, and verbena.

In the Imp:  Confusing.  Citrus and Frankincense heavy.
On Me:  Light sharpness from the Lavender, then the Frankincense and Citrus diffuse it.  I’m not sure if I like it or not.  Will have to retest it later.
On My Son:  It’s interesting.  Starts off Lavender, turns into a green smell, then incense and Oranges.  Sort Of candy-like at the end, very sweet.

True, perfect golden light, refined into an incomparably glorious scent.

In the Imp: Church. Incense. Resins. Freshly polished pews, glowing woods.
On Me: This even more. Not quite as crisp as Cathedral(review later), but still very lovely.
On My Son: Smoky, and incense heavy. Smells warm and relaxing.


**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


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