Smells like Springtime…

…but it’s cold outside.  Yesterday it was hot.  The day before, it was both very wet, and miserably hot.  This weather needs to make up it’s mind…

Until then, I’m revisiting a few of our favourite fresh Springtime scents from ZOMG Smells, maybe that will kick the appropriate weather pattern in the shins…


Green Knight
ZOMG Smells General Catalogue

The Green Knight came to King Arthur’s court on New Year’s Eve, but you can keep him as close as an enchanted girdle all year round. Full of bright and dark greens, this is a strong absinthe scent that would do well on any gender.

Bergamot, green tea, cardamom pods, three kisses of Sir Bertilak’s anise-sweetened breath, a flower-soft kiss from his wife, and deep green herbs.

In the Bottle: Chai tea and fresh greenness, and just a hint of booze.  (This is my aged review.  It was very different fresh.  For Absinthe lovers, it’s best fresh.)

On Me: Spicy Chai tea and a whiff of florals, dries with hints of Absinthe.
On My Son: Fresh green and Black Liquorice warming into Chai Tea.

Garden Nap
ZOMG Smells General Catalogue

We created this scent after the exciting crisp chill of Fall turned to a grey and weary cold that made us long for summer naps on garden benches, warm even in the shade and surrounded by the green smell of leaves.

Sun-warmed tomato leaves, orange trees heavy with fruit, the ghost of fragrant herbs on your fingers, and green grass a few steps down the hill.

In the Bottle: Like my Mother’s vegetable and herb gardens, very fresh and green.

On Me: green and citrusy, the pungent scent of freshly nibbled on by caterpillars tomato leaves. I need a nap.
On My Son: fresh grass, and sunshine, but he says it smells green and citrus, so perfect for warmer weather.

Izanagi Plate
ZOMG Smells General Catalogue

The Izanagi Plate is no more. It slipped beneath the surface of the North American Plate, just off the coast of northwestern Japan, roughly 95 million years ago. Before its dive, it was a terrestrial plate with surface land masses and accumulated fossils of the Cretaceous period and earlier. That means a slow decline of icthyosaur populations, new species of nodosaurids, and a ridiculous array of coastal and near-coastal critters that boomed in the warm shallow seas of the time. It almost certainly took with it some of the best fossil records of the Fukuisaurus.

So where is it now? Fully subducted plates don’t just dissolve and diffuse like magic; they sort of squish along in the mantle, acheiving ever more soft and groovy shapes. Take a look at what the Farallon Plate has been up to, for example (the Juan de Fuca plate, which we miss already, is a remnant of the Farallon).

As a subducted terrestrial plate, our scent for the Izanagi combines the surface and the depths: the earthy greenness of prehistoric forests with the soft, embracing warmth of the Earth’s mantle. Conifers, hawthorn, mosses and vetiver root in toasted vanilla.

…which is perfect for Spring! I first encountered this scent in soap surprise(which had my son grabbing it and running for the bath as fast as he could as soon as he smelled it).

In the Bottle: green green green, and a wee bit earthy…like when I was planting my heirloom lily bulbs into peaty soil back home. A hint of forest in the early morning, all fresh and clean. Sweet, clean air that makes you want to breathe deep and hold it forever.

On Me: a breath of fresh air…literally. I remember the first time I ever wore this, it was raining softly…I walked outside after applying it on, and inhaled huge lungfuls of sweet smelling(the Izanagi Plate), rain-kissed air.
It starts out green, like a walk in an ancient forest, then sweet(I love ZOMG’s Vanillas, because they are soft and sweet, not that headache inducing drugstore perfume Vanilla), a little kiss of fresh, sweet Vanilla bean, then a bit earthy, peaty, mossy, then starts again with the green scent. Like Four Seasons, it cycles through its catalogue of scents, very clean and pretty.  Now it just reminds me of Spring.
On My Son: Oddly enough, the same as me, and it’s wonderful.

Requiem for the Juan de Fuca Plate
ZOMG Smells General Catalogue

The world’s smallest tectonic plate, and it’s doomed, so doomed…just off the coast of Washington and Oregon in the US, the last remnant of what was once the mighty and puissant Farallon Plate is being subsumed into the Earth’s mantle as we speak. Right this very instant. One day it will disappear completely, leaving the North America Plate to forge head-on against the ever-expanding Pacific. Dread and woe!

Assuming that the North America and Pacific plates keep moving at rate they are now, though, that day is actually about seven million years or so in the future. So this scent is actually pretty robust and not very sad at all. In six and a half million years, we may need to change the recipe.

Ocean mint, patchouli, subducted basalt, and fossil woods.

In the Bottle: The Patchouli was so dominant I stuck it in a drawer and forgot it…for two years!😱(Sorry Ariel!) Aged, it’s Minty, Earthy, and Aquatic.

On Me: Wow. Aging made this absolutely gorgeous. Fresh I could barely sniff it because of the hippie-like mawkishness of the Patchouli.  But now, now it’s almost as glorious as Izanagi Plate, and better in some ways.  Earthy, Woodsy, and somber, quiet stone. It’s so very beautiful. On My Son: A quiet morning at the beach hunting for crinoid fossils. Wet stony, gritty fossils, trees in the backdrop, wet sand, wet dirt. Just WOW.


**Indulgent treats by ZOMG Smells, reviews by me**


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