Sweet science, weird science…

Oingo Boingo need not apply…unless Ariel digs that idea!😹

ZOMG Smells General Catalogue

This scent is based upon a 17th-century Korean recipe for a perfume worn by a lady of the Joseon court. The listed ingredients include “clove, anise, and nut-grass”. We’ve added jaggery and ginseng accord.

No doubt there were many different perfumes, and many different names for those perfumes. The name for this one, however, has not survived. We considered choosing a new one. And then we realized that we couldn’t hope to match the romance of a scent whose name itself had wafted away: “hyang-su” is simply Korean for “perfume”, and the rest is lost to time. Ah, glamour.

In the Bottle: Still Anise first whiff, though it no longer bothers me as it once did.  Still won’t eat Liquorice or heavily spiced Anise dishes, but the note in perfume is becoming one I’m drawn to unlike back then.

On Me:  It’s still very clean and fresh, like a nice day. The for Science! factor? It’s a well-blended classic Asian scent. Let the Lab coats hang on the peg today, I’m going to walk in the Sunshine. On My Son:  Still very clean and fresh, takes me back to when he was small.

Since it’s almost gone, I need to buy more.  I hadn’t expected to cry at that, but I’m finding myself missing family today, and memories are flooding in, and these scents are the absolute best at making my memories live.

ZOMG Smells General Catalogue

Lo-lo-lo-lo lo-laaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Surprisingly unisex, appropriately enough. ;) Vanilla and spices doused in sticky-sweet frankincense and propped up on sky-high platform heels.

Prior to this company, I avoided Frankincense and Patchouli, and spice scents made my migraines creep up.  Now they’re loved favourites.
This takes both Frankincense and spice and has the world’s best spa day for the price of a bottle of bubble bath. It’s Sex & the City meets Mad Science!

In the bottle: it smells like incense and cider spices, and aged it’s thicker, richer, but not too sweet.

On me: it starts off with a solo of Frankincense (because it deserves to have the spotlight once in a while), then sort of sneaks off to let this sexy earthy spicy smell own the runway in a lab coat. It’s aged to perfection.  Lola and her new dress needed to have some time to mature(and they were showstoppers when I first tried them), and WOW.
On My Son:  12 plus 1+really good smell=not leaving the house without armed guards.

Spiced Hypatia

ZOMG Smells General Catalogue

Of all the many, many ancient (and recent) ladies of learning who deserve recognition, we have a soft spot for Hypatia. Philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, researcher, avid reader, beloved teacher, friend and valued counselor to rulers; she was a paragon of learning and would doubtless have been just as at home teaching at Harvard and giving TED talks in the modern era as she was corresponding with former students the slow old-fashioned way and constructing hydrometers on request.

We’d like to think she would enjoy wearing this sophisticated treat made from some of the local and imported goods available in ancient Alexandria, and we wish we could gift her with it across the ages: cinnamon-and-nutmeg poached pear, sweet dark myrrh, and warm Egyptian musk.

Originally part of the Sweet Scientist collection, after much begging and groveling by me and many fans, it became permanent, and I’m so happy it is.

In the bottle: It’s still lovely fresh sweet pears, with the juice running down your chin.

On me: The scent of spicy, buttery poached pears, like I had just finished canning them and the whole kitchen is filled with that Cinnamon, Nutmeg, buttery sweet gorgeous warm smell.  Aging it made it last a lot longer, though as it’s fully warmed and dry, the pears aren’t as prominent.  I do love this, and need more and more.

Sweet on Zhang Heng
ZOMG Smells General Catalogue

He’s so dreamy! The picture of Zhang Heng for this scent is taken from the Chinese stamp issued to honor him in 1955, but we added the rosy blush.

Here’s his deal: he was good at everything. ZOMG HQ is in a seismically-active area, so we’re especially keen on the fact that Mr. Zhang invented the seismometer in 132 AD. Hot stuff. Of course he was also a gifted mathematician, civil engineer, cartographer, sculptor, and poet–who isn’t? Translations of some of his poems read a bit like the gentler, more cheerful bits of Walt Whitman. Dig:

Then comes young spring, in a fine month,
When the wind is mild and the air clear.
Plains and swamps are overgrown with verdure
And the hundred grasses become rank and thick.
The kingly osprey flaps its wings;
The orioles wail mournfully—
Their necks entwined, fluttering,
They call to each other in tender notes.
Thus happily I roam and play,
My feelings to cherish:
I am like a dragon chanting on the moor
Or a tiger roaring in the mountain.

We love this guy’s style, and we’re also seized with an odd nostalgia for his time. The total sum of human knowledge was considerably smaller than it is today, and he was out on the cutting edge of several parts of it at once. That’s…a lot harder to do now. We’re jealous, but we also know how awesome it is that people like him got there and took care of business ages before we even had the chance. We’ve made him up into a super high-class confection, based on the bones of an old Chinese recipe. Not as old as him, but close. Tangerine, pine, jasmine, star anise, patchouli, and black tea leaves.

Another Sweet Scientist member who made tenure. I loved it then, I love it more today.

In the bottle: I get a lovely sweet citrus spiced tea, perfect for a cool Winter Morning with frosty gentle breezes.

On me: Aging took away the soapiness the fresh bottle had, and straight to the scent of walking through a forest, with the crisp breezes bringing that lovely scent of the trees, green and alive. I was very glad that the Patchouli added a mossy undertone to the overall green start of this scent.  Aging deepened the Patchouli, so it’s even earthier. After about 10 minutes it changes, and the bright citrus tea scent is out, like the sun sparkling on dewdrops and frost, then it faded again to that green smell. I love how much like Four Seasons it is on me, in that it will cycle through it’s catalog of scents. Very clean and pretty.
On my son: Tea, glorious Tea!  Warm green breezes, it is rather masculine and grown up on him.  He said it is still a suit and tie smell. The for Science! factor?  Another walk through time.

We need two, one for wearing, one for aging…maybe one for bath salts so the scent stays forever…thank goodness they come in larger sizes now(though my wallet may not agree with me!😹).


**Indulgent treats by ZOMG Smells, reviews by me**


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