Smells like another review post.

Being cheeky as I see how long I can keep up my writing.  Kiddo says I need to finish the post before he plays his violin for me.

Rose in Amber

A refined rose in the last stages of bloom, sunk whole into a chunk of aged amber. How did it get there, to be preserved for centuries? Wine-dark rose, a dusting of vanilla, and precious amber. This is a warm, feminine scent with depth and a touch of mystery.

In the bottle: Fresh Roses and soft Amber.

On me:  It’s still a lovely piece.

Aged, the Roses are richer, and the Amber bolder, yet still has the museum memory of my original review…
It settles and well…it smells like a museum…you know that old and dusty sort of smell that seems to cling around the fossils? Or that musty smell of old books? Yeah, that one. Oh, and kind of like not quite incense, but like smokey applewood. I collect crinoids for a family member, and when rinsed off and dried, they sort of smell old like that, so tea roses and fossils?

Soft Lavender Cake

Exactly what it says on the tin: this smells like a big slice of soft lavender cake, plus vanilla, coconut flakes, and icing. This is one for the lavender-lovers and the sweet tooths among you– we know you’re out there, we care about your needs, and we’ve been searching for the right lavender for you. Here it is!

Vanilla-lavender cake, shredded coconut, a tasteful dab of rich buttercream icing, and white musk to help it stick to your skin.

Aged(yes, I managed to hide some from kiddo)it lost that mawkishness and the interesting toasted Coco-nutty note is balancing the sweet.  The Lavender-Angel Cake scent is so different from the original,  and I do my best to keep a bottle hidden so it can age.
My son however, always an instant, “MINE!” and runs off with it.  It smells so gorgeous, and more comforting/relaxing on him, so I always get more than one when I have to refill, and he still uses it at bedtime.

The Melancholy Death of Nikola Tesla

We owe Tesla a debt we can never repay: as the father of modern electrical engineering, radio, and innumerable other things that looked like mad science until they worked, he’s also the father of this shop. His life was brilliant but his death, alone and impoverished in a Manhattan hotel, was a heinous injustice from a bright world that owed him everything. We can’t change the past, of course, but we can make a memorial in our chosen medium.

Our tribute to him is a subtle blend of sandalwood, earth and light patchouli, given an antique twist with a touch of violet and the industrial fumes of a world struggling out of gaslight into incandescence.

Drawn to the scent title(I really like the history of Nikola Tesla, and the War of the Currents), I placed it on the list. I really wanted to like this. I love this aged!

I really have to thank Miss Ariel for telling me to stick it in a drawer and forget about it for a while.  Patchouli has been a dirty hippie scented nope note for ages until she told me about aging perfume. I no longer fear it, and let them age a while before I decide it’s not for me.

In the bottle: Earthy Violets, Ozone, Sawdust, Leather toolbelts

On me:  So different than the first time. Same as my bottle, now gloriously aged.

The for Science! factor: It smells like toolbelts and sawdust. Like my Grandfathers Carpentry corner in his garage. He’s been gone for nearly fourteen years, and it reminded me of him. He was a Master Carpenter. Could turn a tree into furniture and knick-knacks on a whim. He took knotty pine, and made a Leopard Skin frame for my Point-Dot picture of David Bowie in Labyrinth(Ballroom scene outfit) that an old artist acquaintance gave me. I think I’ll wear it on his birthday, and very rarely otherwise often as I can. Amazingly enough, it does fit the Melancholy of the title, because it made me miss my Grandfather.

Lola’s New Dress

This version of Lola started as a prototype. We eventually decided to go a slightly different direction with the blend but couldn’t shake our fondness for this one. I like to think of this as Lola in a different dress–and why shouldn’t she have more than one, after all? 

Vanilla sunk in a hot mess of spices.

While similar in concept to Lola, this time in the bottle it smelled like Chai tea and Frankincense and a hint of something…I got Chocolate added to the mix. That gorgeous scent drenched in divine chocolate! As it dried, I got Chai spice tea, with a square of lovely chocolate. It made me brew a nice strong cup of tea with Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Vanilla, then stirred some heavy cream in. While I was sipping, I got a square of Twilight Dream Dark Chocolate, and hid from my son(I have a rule of no sweets before lunch–I’m so bad!), and savoured it. I put on Josh Groban’s Awake(because his baritone is about the only thing sexier than this scent)

My son smelled too good for words!  He is STILL NEVER allowed out of the house smelling this good(until he has his own house!).  Chocolate, spiced chocolate.  Dear God, my son smells divine!

This scent got richer as it aged, and the chocolate is AMAZING! I cannot believe I forgot about this! Heck, I can’t believe there’s a thick dribble of this left!


**Indulgent treats by ZOMG Smells, reviews by me**


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