Imagination and creative thinking for a better future.

A dear friend sent me this video…

It reminded me of my brother, and reduced me to tears.

This was Chris’fer in a nutshell.

He’d ‘BAH, HUMBUG!’ his way through the living room whenever I asked him for help putting up the tree while I went and got the ornaments down, instead offering to watch his Nephew while pointing and laughing at me as I struggled with the tree.

When I’d go angrily scrambling for the ornaments hidden away in the attic to ‘just get it over with'(I later learned he moved them on purpose, with a purpose), he’d set that tree up and tell his tiny toddler Nephew how to calculate the number of string lights needed for an eight foot tall tree to give it maximum twinkle…mathematically.

Fast forward many years, and see my son struggle with higher end math, not because he’s no good at that, but because the educational systems they teach in limit what a student can use as compared to long ago when I was in school.
He usually has three to four other ways to solve a problem, but none but what they’re required to teach them is correct(even if the required method never gets the right answer). He’s frustrated, but keeps pushing forward.

He believes eventually SOMEONE will understand why 96x+12=twinkle.

I miss my brother and his Grinch-ly humbug attitude that fooled only me.


Happy Holidays, whatever, whenever you celebrate.  Make the brightest, shiniest memories.


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