For the benefit of the Lone Star: Blue Bonnet edition

Posting for the benefit of all Texans caught up in the Hurricane Harvey disaster:

So, many folks are watching closely the news broadcasts of the recent Hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast, most notably in Texas.

So many want to help, but are unaware of what it takes to do so safely without overburdening the already overburdened rescue staff that are waiting for the go-ahead to do more than just get people and animals out of the heavily flooded areas in-between pauses.

The most important thing to do is raise funds for those that are experts in the field so they can more effectvely help those in the greatest need.  Also donating blood for the most extreme issues is vital.  That said, I’ll post this with little of my usual cheek.

Like perfume or know a gal who does? Want to help with relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey, but don’t know what to do?  Support relief efforts and smell nice/make that special gal smell nice at the same time.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab  has released

Single Note: Blue Bonnet

Proceeds to benefit disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Elizabeth Barrial and her husband Ted “Puddin” Barrial of Black Phoenix Trading Post are well known for their charitable works, releasing scents whose proceeds go to various causes that benefit so many.

If you weren’t aware, the deep Blue Lupines that grow in Texas are known as Blue Bonnets and are the Texas state flower.
They cover the beautiful curving, winding roads and pathways every Spring with a gorgeous blanket of blue that has to be seen…and smelled to believe.

Stay safe everyone!



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