Rest and relaxation is apparently for the birds.

So my wonderful readers, I’m back.  Still a bit shaky, but ready to get this show on the road.

Since my Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory order is MIA, I cannot give you my planned American Gods review, so I will dive into all of the other lovelies I have tried recently.

First up is Bosie, from ZOMG Smells.  It’s a general catalogue scent, and thank goodness, because I love it about as much as Earth and Heaven(and I’ll need more of that soon).

Bosie                                                                      ZOMG Smells                                                  General Catalogue

Lord Alfred Douglas is best remembered as Bosie, Oscar Wilde’s famously terrible boyfriend and almost certainly the beautiful, unreliable model for Dorian Grey. When Bosie caught the flu, Wilde nursed him back to health; once recovered, Bosie went off to enjoy life. Wilde came down with it next; instead of returning the favor, Bosie sent his hotel bill on Wilde’s birthday. They fought and parted several times, but Wilde kept coming back. 

What did Wilde see in him?
Part of the attraction was probably the challenge of winning Bosie’s attention. He was not a caretaker type, and his was not an unconditional love. It had to be attracted, must be enticed, and it could not be caught and held– it could only be enjoyed while it lasted. 
This is a fresh, enticing scent that makes you want to inhale a little more deeply and try to catch the elusive hint of formal gardens, romantic hedge mazes, the old-fashioned masculine of lavender, the palest of musks, and a sharp, spicy green galbanum that hints at an untamed heart beneath the lightly sugared surface. 

In the Bottle: Lavender Lavender Lavender green!

On Me: This reminds me a bit of the classic Fougere Royale(that I was fortunate enough to be able to smell and try), with just a pale hint of musk.  It also reminds me a bit of BPAL’s Wilde(review below), but without the busyness the heady notes of Jasmine and grounding Patchouli bring, with it’s Lavender, Tonka, Moss, and Bergamot evoking the classic fougeres, and yet not.  It’s the uniquely Lavendery sweetness and sharp green that oddly enough ties them together, with the musk playing very light and subtle…and sexy.

It’s clean and simple, yet wild and profoundly complex like the man it was named for, and I’m endlessly amused that Wilde and Bosie probably will be my go-to scent pairing for a while.

On my Son:  Very similar, but more masculine.  He also has paired it with Wilde, and I’ve taken to walking with a walking stick because of the heads he’s turning.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory
General Catalogue-Bewitching Brews
To stab my youth with desperate knives, to wear
This paltry age’s gaudy livery,
To let each base hand filch my treasury,
To mesh my soul within a woman’s hair,
And be mere Fortune’s lackeyed groom, — I swear
I love it not! these things are less to me
Than the thin foam that frets upon the sea,
Less than the thistle-down of summer air
Which hath no seed: better to stand aloof
Far from these slanderous fools who mock my life
Knowing me not, better the lowliest roof
Fit for the meanest hind to sojourn in,
Than to go back to that hoarse cave of strife
Where my white soul first kissed the mouth of sin.A sophisticated traditional gentleman’s cologne, with just the slightest taint of patchouli’s passion, tonka bean’s decadence, the philanthropy of bergamot, moss’ cynicism, the sharp wit of lavender, and the hopeless romantic longing of jasmine and thyme.
In the Bottle:  A haunting classic gentlemens scent, with an exquisite hint of Earl Grey tea and earthy mildly herbal Jasmine.
On Me:  I did a double-take, because it was almost like Fougere Royale on, instead of the cologne undertones I was expecting from the description.   Lavender and Bergamot, heady Jasmine, grounding Patchouli, and the moss evoking that classic fougere profile.
On my Son:  Very similar to mine, but more masculine.
Next up, we have possibly the cutest perfume since ZOMG Smells created Marmalade Tabby.
Blooddrop perfumes creator in addition to making beautiful scents and sewn lovelies, is very wonderfully into animal rescue, and has frequently posted about the cute and furry she tends to.  Recently, she posted a series of adorable photographs about a cute little troublemaker that’s been following her around.  Not long after, many of us asked her when she was going to make a perfume inspired by said troublemaker.
After seeing a particularly cute picture of him holding a can with his hind paws while scooping out portions with his front paws, I remarked:
“Is it bad that I now want a fluffy foodie raccoon themed perfume with this exact picture on the bottle?”
Her response:  “But what do I do with the scent of 9 Lives Salmon Supper?!?”
I responded with, “Well, you know there will always be that one person…(just look at all the folks who bought BPAL’s Gore Shock)…”
And others…well, you’ll see:
Surprise! A Baby Raccoon!
Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries
Limited Edition

Soooo, I befriended a baby raccoon a few weeks ago and, of course, having spoken about it on Facebook, some of you said, “And there will be a baby raccoon perfume, right?!” And I was like, “What?! Make a scent that smells of cat food and ham and cheese omelettes?!” to which Brooke of Doctor Teef and of Villainess says, “I demand cat food!” and I was like, “Gurl, of course you do, but no!” So, here it is, a baby raccoon perfume that smells nothing of can cat food or omelettes, but of sweets and woods and just straight up hella cuteness.

Animal crackers, vanillaed sandalwood, nutmeg, soft woodsy sticks, thyme, and a little buttercream frosting.

Let me just say when I saw her post of this, I squee’d, rushed over to the website still giggling like a loon, it jumped into the cart and then to checkout so fast I nearly gave myself whiplash.  I missed the Calico Kitten benefit scent she made earlier, and I was not about to do that again with this cutie, especially since I was one of the ones that asked for it.

In the Bottle: Frosted Animal Crackers

On Me: Frosted Animal crackers and warm spices drifting through the woods the cute furry bandit is hiding in with his cuteness-purloined goods. It lasted all day and well into the next. Very soft and gourmand.

On My Son: This stinker always smells delicious with gourmands…far better than it smelled on me. He chased me away half the time he was wearing it.

I also received a lovely Demi sample of Cicada…

(Cicadidae Magicicada)
The Entomology of Miss Amnesty Mapleleaf, Revisited
Glittering, chirping, zzzzing, sweltering iridescence. Blackberries, honeydew, white grapefruit, lime, geranium, raspberries and candied ginger.
In the Bottle: Fizzy gingered fruit punch.
On Me: Started off as a riot of overly sweet melon with loads of sugared blackberries and raspberries. I let it settle and it softened into a gingered citrus berry punch with a backdrop of green, very deliciously Summery. Makes me want to collect said fruits to steep in a bowl of ginger beer and listen to the Cicadas chatting away in the Summer night.
On my Son:  Did I mention he smells amazing while wearing gourmands?  Yeah, he chased me away…again.
Next up, ancient history:
Nocturne Alchemy is not one I usually review, as most of the ones that have the wow factor and longevity I crave are budget busters(but are oh so worth the money).
Nocturne Alchemy
Prehistoria Limited Collection 2017

Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, East African Copal, Copal Incense Resin of Mexico, Frankincense and ICON Oudh. 

*tiny bits of resin may occur in the Dino blends, these will only enrich the blend even more with aging! I’d like to dedicate CamaRAsaurus to Jennifer, DJ and William Johnstone #HeyWhatDoYouDoWithADinosaur????????? (that’s the title of the book by William Johnstone).

This is a really cute concept for perfumes, encouraging you to create your own unique scent:

PREHISTORIA is a set of concept perfume. They are meant to be ‘hatched’ with any other perfume from Nocturne Alchemy, this makes great use of your Studio Limited Collections. Of course, they are beautiful on their own, but the Dinosaur doesn’t truly hatch until you layer it with a little something else.

Seth’s instructions: Apply the perfume on wrist and inner elbow and allow the scent to bind with your chemistry. Once this has occurred, inhale. This conceptually, is the egg. To allow the dinosaur to hatch, we wanted you to go to your Studio Limited Library and pull as many as you want, especially your favorites. The magic in layering the dino’s with your Studio Limited Library will give your library a new NAVAlchemy aspect of layering and creating your own personal Dino scent. The fun in NAVAlchemy and hatching the dino eggs is all up to you!

In the Bottle: Sweet, creamy, and citrusy, with a smoky woodsy undertone.
On Me: Lime curd with a hint of Amber, and smoky Oud. About twenty minutes later, the resins slink in, transforming into this complex smoky, sweet citrus Lapsang Souchong scent(Aw man, I should’ve bought two!).

On my Son: Lightly citrusy, creamy, smoky tea. Very soft, yet masculine. Yes, he loves it.  They sent as a gift for being a part of their reopening, a dram of a permanent blend to tag along with the Dinosaur.

Nocturne Alchemy
Permanent Collection-VApothecary

Gorgon Black Patchouli, Incense of Ambar, Lemongrass E/O, Mandarin Zest, Pine Sap and Vanilla Musk.
In the Bottle:  Dirty Hippie Pine-Sol(I really don’t want to try this one on…I think I’ll give it a hard pass.)
On Me: Yanno what? Yeah, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY didn’t want to try this on*.  I REALLY wish I hadn’t tried this on(Read: My son is very persuasive with the cute, and oh sweet merciful God where the bloody hell is my tomato juice!?!!).

On my Son:  Cuties/Halos(mini oranges) and freshly planted in rich dark soil baby Christmas Trees.  *wails*  I’m so jelly he smells so good!

*Patchouli has a tendency to be funky on me until aged properly, so if I sniff it in the bottle and get Dirty Hippie, I usually don’t even try it, until it sits for a couple…six months…heck with it, I’ll age it a year before I even sniff it again.

Prior to Ariel of ZOMG Smells telling me the secret to getting my Patchouli to be earthier, I wouldn’t even consider it, and would get rid of any samples containing Patchouli.
I’ll give it a couple of months and see if it settles the heck down, then I’ll give it another go, but this was so very horribad on me, instant Nope.  Yeah, I REALLY hate dirty hippie style Patchouli.  I’m so spoiled from ZOMG Smells and BPAL’s Black Patchouli’s being aged before they use it in their blends.
(After I told folks in one of the perfume forums I belong to about this, someone sent me a very old Scarab of this, and I love it.  So it definitely needs aging before I can wear it.)
And now for something completely different:
So I am a indie bath and body junkie.  I love small batch beauty products with simple clean ingredients.  Anyone that knows me has done the glazed eyes look as I chatter on for hours about my fave soaps, scrubs, masks, and lip balms.
If you ask my son about me and lip balms, he will sneak out as fast as humanly possible. It’s like he’s afraid to tell them I might be addicted to them or something…
“No Mom, it’s just because I didn’t want to tell everyone that I could buy you a case of EoS lip balms, and you would derp and lose them in a week.  With the cute tins and jars, they will be heavy enough to sit in the bottom of your purse so you actually have them when you need them!”
I belong to a ridiculous amount of forums on different topics.  I inevitably sniff out(punintentional) members that make amazing goods, and try each and every one, and go back for more.
This time the spotlight is on Fari Beauty.
After putting everything in my cart, I valiantly refrained from throwing a tantrum like four year old because I needed to save money fir those adult responsibilitiesrealised that adulting really stinksresisted the urge to swear enough to embarrass a USMC Drill Instructor…again…I cut it down to trying a couple of items from here every month until I’ve tried them all.
Pixie-sized perfection

Seriously, how cute is this?

 Like the caption says, seriously, how cute is this?  From the perfect little glass containers to the adorable gift boxes with crinkle paper filler(that I am totally repurposing because they’re far too cute to recycle), it’s clean, simple, and natural.
Now to the lip balms themselves.  I hesitate to call them lip balms, because they’re so rich and nourishing like the overpriced tinted lip butters I’ve bought an embarrassingly large amount of in the department stores.
I got Lavender Mint, & Kukui and Passionfruit.
Dummy me has been running errands in the stupid blazing heat all week, and as my son pointed out, derpy me is always losing those stupid EoS balms because I’d set it down and forget where, or TROLLCAT would go, “New Tooooooy!” and bat it somewhere.  As such, my poor pout has been neglected, and was very unhappy with me.
I’ve been tearing stuff apart in my house as well, and remembered to check the post as an afterthought, and limped back inside with parcel in hand.
These are a Godsend.
Immediately stuck on Lavender Mint, and was was rewarded with a cooling*, soothing, refreshing blast of moisture.  I just can’t class this as a lip balm.  It’s so creamy, rich, and nourishing, my dry lips felt instantly a million times better.
*I love Altoids and other extremely strong mints, but it may be a bit much if you’re not a fan of that.
Once that soaked in, I opened the Kukui and Passionfruit.  The juicy sweet scent has made me crave the real deal.  These are so very decadent.
Again, it’s too rich for a lip balm.
I’m absolutely smitten with these, and will be buying the third one I missed, which I will review when I get it, and other things from this amazing little shop.
Answer:  Yes, yes you need them.
It’s slow going, but I’ll do my best to get back to this.  Thanks for being there.
** I received these insanely indulgent treats from ZOMG Smells, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Blooddrop, Nocturne Alchemy, and Fari Beauty.  The opinions are my own, because I’m so crazy about them I just need to spread the love.**

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