Springtime is in the air, Spring holidays, Spring cleaning, and boy I got the blues.

So this month, my sister had her first birthday without her twin.  I tried to be as funny, witty, sarcastic, and smart-alecky as I knew he was, but it left me sad and empty afterward, because I could never be his epic level of amusing(my version of amusing is usually leaving her a sing-o-gram on her phone comprised of a very off-key rendition of Binky the Clowns Happy Birthday), and as much as I miss him, it’s only a dropful compared to how much I know she is missing him.  I only hope she got at least a teensy smile from this silly Guppy.

My sweet and wonderful sister is a Mother’s Day child, much in the way our brother was a Father’s Day child.  Me?  I was born three weeks late on a hotter than hell day in the Summer, so yeah, I guess I was born causing trouble.  The only thing I had up on them was not having to share a birthday cake with any other Holidays!

So yeah, Happy Birthday brat!


Now, on to the boring stuffs(because nothing is more epic than my sisters birthday, therefore, everything after that has to be boring!)


Springtime here is hotter than hell…in fact, there’s been a joke or three about how the devil rents this place out and lives in hell because it’s cooler…not doubting it, though the last few days have been pretty damp and humid, making my hair resemble a wet Lhasa-poo.  Since it’s only going to get hotter, I decided to paint my bathroom before the weather got unbearable.

I’m blue(ba ba dee)…blue paint brushes, blue primer, blue paint, even blue painters tape.  I’ve spent four days scrubbing, bleaching, painting, swearing(because previous owner was a class-A wankera royal smeg-heada half-baked nuttera complete and utter moronbrilliantly lazy git…genius and PUT FLAT PRIMER ON A HIGH-GLOSS WALL {insert numerous inventive, colourful expletives here}, and then attempting deglazing after I already spent a whole day trying to prime the walls, swearing all the way when I finally realised why the paint was not working as it should, then letting it cure before the paint.

My Tiny Human(I will never stop calling him that.  Ever) wants clouds on the ceiling, so that’s next on the list now that the inner bathroom is nice and glossy and blue.  The outer bathroom needs another coat of primer, possibly two.  So I’ve got the blues(and I love it!).


Springtime is also ablaze at Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries.

Miss Astrid has done it again, this time wrapping the precious to resemble large pink bon bons, and her cards and the most adorable miniature broom.

I took advantage of a Spring cleaning sale and got a Glisten spray, which is similar in nature to BPTP Hair Gloss, yet completely different.

Apples & Bones
Crisp, clean, chilly and a touch creepy. Cold gala apples, pale bone musk and a breath of Autumn’s evening air.

In the Bottle:  Apples apples apples!  Not fake sour candy apples, but sweet crisp apples right off the tree!  Wheeeee!

On me: I tested it on my arm as I always do for new things.  Fresh Apples, and a whisper of musk, almost a minty undertone, and to my nose, how fresh, crunchy Autumn leaves smell.  I want to spray this EVERYWHERE.

I also got my son a Whinnies #5 after asking Miss Astrid what might be nice for my son.  Here’s the description:

Whinnies are my version of marshmallow chicks except you have to imagine them in little pony form! Each perfume has a marshmallow base and then is blended with other most interesting ingredients. All perfumes in this collection are vegan.

Whinnies no. 5

Marshmallow, star anise, vanilla, teak wood, and sandalwood.

In the Bottle:  A pale Chai spice.  Lightly sweet.

On my Son: He says it starts out Graham Crackers, then as it warms up, it’s like a Vanilla Liquorice sugar coated marshmallow chick…or should he say Mallow Pony?  After about twenty minutes, the woods began to bloom(I explained the scent he couldn’t exactly pinpoint), and he said it became more grown-up.  (Yes, Miss Astrid he likes it.)

I also got one for me…

The Cats Would Eat Her Hair

Zephyr lily, rice milk, vanilla, a pair of sandalwoods, warm water accord, bamboo, soft wood accord, wild mint.

In the Bottle:  Vanilla Mint and Bamboo.

On Me:  Straight after applying, a blast of lilies and bamboo, with an almost citrus tang.  After it dries, it flips into a soft woodsy scent with sweet rice, milk, and mint undertones.  There’s a subtle aquatic drifting in and out of all the notes tying it together in the most romantic way.  As a side note, TROLLCAT pounced my wrist and began purring and demanding attention, so I imagine the cats really would eat her hair.

I also received two petites, which are the most darling 2ml sample sizes.


Lychee, white tea, cala lily, bowsellia sacra, davana, bergamot, lemon verbena, and a bouquet of white blooms.

In the Bottle:  Lychee Earl Grey White Tea.  Yum!

On Me:  It begins with a burst of hothouse blooms in the most exquisite, “I am woman, hear me roar!” manner.  I was almost sorry to have it go away, but it settled into the background and let the aforementioned Lychee Earl Grey White Tea come out with the most gorgeously subtle Citrusy green from the Lemon Verbena.  It’s absolutely stunning. 

Honey Cake                                                             Pretty self explanatory I think…

In the Bottle:  Yup, Honey over a warm freshly baked spicecake.

On Me:  Pretty much as described above.  Even after the honey drops to the background, the cake is rich and sweet enough to carry it.  It’s like ZOMG Smells Elder Spicecake‘s kid sister, where Elder Spicecake is more masculine leaning despite being an obnoxiously, deliciously, cute eldritch horror.

On my Son:  This stinker always smells delicious, so just imagine he smells like he did a cake smash with a honeyed spicecake…because he totally does.


** I acquired these insanely indulgent treats from Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries.  The opinions are my own, because now that I’ve truly experienced them I absolutely need to spread the love.**


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