Trying to find my way back to normal when it’s right next to me…three scoops.

So yeah, sorry folks.  Been moping, grieving, and all that jazz, and my son did a very Chris’fer thing to bring me out of my funk.  He hammed it up with charm and style, and gently reminded me we have some ZOMG Smells scents to try that have sat unloved a while.

“Hurrah, hurrah step right up to Dr. ZOMG’s amazing Summer Scoop Shoppe!

There’s delights to tickle even the most discerning of palettes, so hurry on over and sample them today, for they won’t last…no folks, they’re practically running out the door now!

While you’re at it, take a gander in that there tent for some amazing sights that are simply out-of-this-world, I say out-of-this-world…a rare, one-of-a-kind Spacebat, the amazing Rocketfrog, and the elusive LH Squeezel.  Let’s go blasting off again!

(Do what I did…imagine a auburn haired, blue hazel eyed Angel decked out in candy stripe shirt, bold striped vest, boater hat, dark trousers and shoes, and a fancy cane.  That’s what I did when he began his schtick…then I fell off my chair laughing)

Ice Cream Soda: Honey Lavender

In the Bottle: Sharp Astringent Lavender, and a sweet fizz.

On me: Holy Wow. The soda bubbles I imagine tickling my nose.
Ice cream, sweet and creamy, is a lovely Lavender cream, with honey drizzled on top.

Oh dear God, I want some.

It’s absolutely divine. It has amazing lasting power, unlike BPAL’s honey note, it keeps on going.

I adore this!

I adore everything about this!

On my son:  Take what it smells like on me, and amp delicious.  Lil stinker.

Blood Orange Creamsicle

In the Bottle:  Wow. This is complex…and familiar. It reminds me of everything I love about Tapputi, so much so, I had to grab my aged bottle and sniff compare them.  They are very similar to my nose, only swap grapefruits with rich, juicy blood oranges and add a scoop of buttery Vanilla ice cream instead of currants.

{Tapputi is from their 2013 Sweet Scientist collection.
Notes:  Ambergris, tamarind, frankincense, red currant and white grapefruit. We thought about using her recipe, but…she got there first. Dibs, yknow?}

On me: All resemblance to Tapputi vanishes. Where Tapputi was Sun-kissed citrus and a refreshing very lightly spicy muskiness to it.  It made me cry when I wore it, as it smelled like the first grown-up perfume my Grandmother gifted me, a signature scent of one of the original Charlie’s Angels, Jaclyn Smith.
After it was reformulated, it never smelled the same.  Tapputi is everything that California was to me, and I treasure every drop of it.

This one is vibrant, sweet, and creamy, like a Dreamsicle, with a more mature edge.  Like if you drizzled Solerno and Gran Marnier over a primo scoop of freshly churned Blue Bell(in my mind, the quintessential buttery vanilla ice cream), you have a sort of idea of it.  It’s a skin scent, so unless you are really close, or I happen to run a wand through my hair, you might not notice it, which is fine when I wear Summery fragrances like this.

On my son:  Dreamsicles.  My little stinker always smells delicious.
He says it reminds him of the orange and cream bars I used to make him when I couldn’t afford to get the ones already made.

All in all, it’s a very Summery, refreshing scent.
It makes me want to sit with my son on his red Coca-Cola swing and eat Dreamsicles and talk about the good-old days.

Devil’s Food

In the bottle: Chocolate. A great big fountain of chocolate.

On me: Rich chocolate cake. Really primo icing too.

This is one of those “Gimme the cake, and nobody gets hurt!” sort of scents. It reminded me of my weekly visits to my Grandmother’s and her surprise cakes. She always made moist, rich, delicious cakes, and her devil’s food was the best. I’m glad my son got to experience it.

I’m going to layer this with the previous scent for a chocolate orange bit of decadence.

On my son: How is it possible that a delicious scent could possibly smell better? Put it on my son, that’s how. Too delicious for words. He’s threatened to send me to my room if I didn’t quit hovering.

So in short, get eleventybillion bottles of this, if you have any room in your room after buying elevenybillion bottles of Honey Lavender Ice Cream Soda, and Blood Orange Creamsicle.

This next one is just my son’s review, as he smelled Strawberry, and I sadly, cannot be a part of Strawberries world…I’m allergic to it, and he worries about a skin reaction(I’d say I’m not crying, but you know how much of a lousy liar I am regarding my tiny human bundle of amazing and how I’m not crying about it).

Ice Cream Soda:  Neapolitan

In the Bottle:  He says it smells fizzy and sweet…triple scoop sweet.

On him:  Wow.  Yeah, three scoops of fresh churned ice cream. Decadent, buttery Vanilla Bean, so incredibly rich, luscious, velvety Milk Chocolate, and Red, ripe, juicy Strawberries blended into a creamy sweet scoop of perfection.  Take these and put an amazing fizzy creamy cream soda with them.  That’s how amazing it smells.  I can’t hug him until this either fades, or he takes a bath…he smells absolutely divinely delicious.  I’m close to being sent to my room until I calm down…he smells yummy!

Yes, you do, you want eleventybillion bottles of this, though I sadly cannot.

To complete my collection of fun and delicious, I have two classics and a brand-new scent to add a bit of cute to his Carnival of Sweet Science.


Never forget March 15, 2009. On that day, a small free-tailed bat clung resolutely to the space shuttle Discovery and rose through the Earth’s atmosphere to the vastness beyond on a billowing plume of flame. No creature has ever died a more glorious death, or lived so purely the dream that pulled our distant ancestors up from the oceans and into the skies. While Spacebat’s body did not survive his flight to the stars, his dream lives on in all of us.

The scent of a soul slipping the surly bonds of earth for the stars above. Mission accomplished.

Cave stone and memorial myrrh lifted by nutmeg and delicate leather wings.

In the Bottle: Very reverential, the spice, cave scent, and fuzzy, leathery bat scent mingling with Myrrh.  Not quite sorrow, but more a memorial.

On me: Considering we have visited both Mammoth Caves and Inner Space Caverns, it smells exactly like…



“Go on, say it Mommy!  It smells like the Batman in the Batcave!”


“Never gonna…”

“…see outside if you finish that sentence child mine.”

On my son: Fine, he smells like Batman in the Batcave.

*smug grin*

Rocket Frog

When one creature reaches for the stars, we all do. On September 6, 2013, the launch of the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) propelled Rocket Frog into a new world.

Her time aloft with LADEE was all too brief. Her reach outward–who can say what she reached for? Help? Something familiar? Anything other than the whirling flame of a rocket launch? Reasonable things all. But reach she did, and we like to think that in Rocket Frog’s outstretched arms is a metaphor for others who have found themselves thrust into difficult and dire circumstances they would not have chosen for themselves. Rocket Frog’s flight was the flight of someone unaware, unqualified, and unprepared for greatness–and it was a mighty flight. We applaud her.

This is the cool green watery scent of a frog home. A calm base before the fireball.

In the Bottle:  Very lovely aquatic…lightly floral.

On me: It’s–

“Ribbit ribbit.”


I swear he’s taken several chapters out of my brother’s book on how to troll me.

On my son: It’s just froggy on my son too. Nyah!

LH Squeezel

In the bottle:  Cute, furry, fizzy, electric.

On me and my son both…he says it smells like cute and furry, fuzzy ginger ale.  It’s so adorable, and lasts ages.


** I received these insanely indulgent treats from ZOMG Smells.  The opinions are my own, because I’m so crazy about them I just need to spread the love.**

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So, because my son has reminded me of my brother so very much as we reviewed and wrote this up, I’ll post again about my brother with a bit of humour regarding the fundraiser my sister is doing for his family, and a few funnies at my expense:

Since my brother was a huge gamer nerd, I’ll phrase it thus:

$2,500 Achievement unlocked:  My Brother-in-law is going shopping in a banana costume.

$3,500 Achievement unlocked:  My Brother-in-law is going shopping in a Pink Nightgown and rollers.

$4,500 Achievement(not yet met):  My Brother-in-law is going shopping as a Disney Princess(my son and I vote Princess Jasmine).

My brother, in addition to being the sweetest, loving, kind-hearted, most generous young man I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, was a very witty, punny guy with a strange, warped sense of humour.  I know he’d take great pleasure in all of this…possibly even engineer it so certain goals were…suddenly met at just the right time.  Yup, my Brother-in-law is going down!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He and my sister were twins, though born years apart.  There were times I couldn’t decipher where his ideas began and hers ended.  They constantly pulled pranks on me, between him waking me up with a bugle call on his trumpet, and her finishing with a sweet but amusing bit on her Violin, to rearranging the kitchen and hiding everything I bought to make dinner with…usually in plain sight.  Their excuse to our Mother when she asked why they did thus to me(while hiding her laugh behind a hand) was, “We were saving you from the tummyache Mom!  You know she’s a horrible cook!”

I couldn’t stay angry for long.  They always have looked out for me in the most amusing ways…

…my little sister getting me used to traveling by making me drive in Downtown Chicago during Rush Hour(I have always been uneasy about driving, as I tend to get lost inside a wet paper bag) before she left home, my little brother pushing me to get help with my depression when I quit interacting with friends by threatening to hire clowns to visit daily and pitch pies at me to cheer me up.  It took exactly two pies to get me…motivated.  Then they hit me with a few more…”Because it’s funny.”

I think I can finally write again, but I’m going to post a bit more of my memories at the ends of these for a while.



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