General catalogue: BPAL Edition-RPG Pt. III

Rigid oak, blue chamomile, rhubarb, and fig leaf.

In the Imp: A fruity tisane in an oaken mug.
On Me: Chamomile and a sharp spike of green with a woodsy dry-down.
On My Son: Sleepy tea and an open window with breezy trees.

A flawless skin musk.

In the Imp: I don’t wanna.  Skin Musk hates me.
On Me: NOPE. This hates me.
On My Son: I smell like I just took a bath.  Fresh and soapy clean.

RPG Series – Classes
Class refers to your character’s choice of adventuring profession.

A ridiculously charismatic blend of bay rum, honey, and white musk mingling with the scent of harp wood and lute strings and the twang of horn brass.

In the Imp: The Musk note scares me, but everything else smells perfect, like a mini concert about to play out.
On Me: Yeah, no.  I get the sharp blatt of metal, gorgeous wood, sweet rum, but that musk ruined it on my skin, and double so when the honey faded.
On My Son: It’s watery, waxy woods, and hot metal.  Too weird for me.



**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-RPG Pt. II

RPG Series – Alignment
RPG Series – Alignment
Alignment refers to your character’s ethics: which way does his or her moral compass point? There are two aspects to alignment: law vs. chaos, and good vs. evil. Does your character respect authority and venerate tradition? She’s likely Lawful. Does she value personal freedom above all else? Chaotic. Does your character give alms to the poor and protect the innocent? He’s Good. Is your character of a mercenary bend, willing and eager to step on others to get ahead? Evil. A character that is Neutral (or any combination of Neutral) either finds perfect balance in their worldview, or is apathetic towards the constraints of either good and evil or law and chaos. A lawful neutral character values the letter of the law above any concern for good or evil, and the chaotic neutral character is, generally, driven completely by a desire for absolute freedom. Sometimes they’re just nuts.

A whirling mélange of multicolored musks with wasabi, rooibos, heliotrope, and mastic.

In the Imp: Spicy, woodsy tea.
On Me: What the? It turned into a Wine Cask. Nooooo! Pretty, but I want the Imp smell. Oh well, that’s what lockets are for.
On My Son: Earthy Forest, lots of wet roots, and nope flowers. I need a locket.

Smouldering opium tar, tobacco absolute, green tea, black plum, kush, ambergris accord, ambrette seed, and costus root.

In the Imp: *grabby hands* Tea, Tobacco, Opium? Yes!
On Me: I want to bathe in this. Very lightly fruity plum backdrop, heavy smoky Tea, and Tobacco, with swirls of Opium.
On My Son: This one is for you Mom. So not me.

Shimmering celestial musk with vanilla, white honey, acacia, and sugar cane.

In the Imp: So pretty honeyed sugary flowers.
On Me: Floral Vanilla Skin Musk once the honey faded.
On My Son: Um, this one is too sweet. Like that funky perfume you showed me at the store while laughing.
Me: Vanilla Fields?
Kiddo: I think.



**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-RPG Pt. I


The RPG Series
Illustrations by the inimitable Julie Dillon.

“You all meet at an inn.…”

Pen and paper role-playing games have been a tremendous influence in my life since my formative years. My parents bought me the magenta D&D boxed set back in 1982, along with the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual. My lifelong passion for fantasy, science fiction, war games, and mythology was well-channeled through RPGs, and I credit playing D&D with helping me sustain my imagination and sense of wonder through adulthood.

I played with one particular group through the bulk of my late teens and early 20s, and this series — along with the atmosphere tools that Black Phoenix Trading Post has introduced — was inspired, specifically, by the time that we spent campaigning together. Our group was somewhat prop-driven in our gaming: we felt that setting a mood was conducive to our style of gameplay. Little things like changes in lighting, minor sound effects, and music made a world of difference, and we found that utilizing miniatures, model railroad scenery, and other tools in order to physically illustrate strategies and provide visual cues was tremendously useful. How much more immersive would it have been if we’d been able to smell the crypt we were crawling through? Or the stench of steel and blood that permeates a warrior’s cloak? What do the wizard’s spell components smell like? What does winter in the desert smell like? Or spring in a druid’s sanctuary?

Pen and paper role playing games are, to me, dynamic stories that are propelled by the active participation of many individuals. You can’t have a strong storyline without creating characters of some depth. When you create a character, you generally have their personalities, priorities, and history in mind, along with a clear vision of what your character looks and sounds like. But how does she smell? What does the world around her smell like?

In most pen and paper fantasy RPGs, three of the primary attributes that you must choose for your character are race, class, and alignment. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s RPG scent series was designed to emulate the character creation process, and are meant to be layered in order to create a character concept. In short: you layer your class, race, and the two fragrances that compose your alignment to construct your character scent. RPGs in all their myriad forms — CRPGs, MMOs, and old school pen and paper — have brought me immeasurable joy. This is my homage. This series is dedicated to my first DMs — my parents — for laughing off the nutter-perpetuated AD&D Satan Scare of the 80’s. Thanks for taking the time to play with your little girl. I miss you, and I love you.

RPG Series – Adventuring Gear

Dwarven Ale
Brewed with fermented mushrooms, pumpkin rind, honey, and apple rootstock.

In the Imp: First Sniff, that liquid marmite-like smell you get from Irish Stout.
On Me: Peaty, loamy, Apple-sweet, earthy. Very familiar.
On My Son: Smells like Hoggle, without the Tobacco.
Me: (^-^) THAT’S IT!

Thieves’ Rosin
Increases the chance of successfully picking pockets by 25%.

In the Imp: Violins.
On Me: Yup, Pine Rosin, Rosewood, and Teak, and a touch of wax.
On My Son: Oooh, I need to layer this with Sherlock Holmes for more Violin.

Vial of Holy Water
The gleaming, indescribably clean scent of purified, ritually consecrated holy water.

In the Imp: Pure, refreshing aquatic.
On Me: It’s the purest water fresh from the river. The scent of camping outside the morning after a storm, and that first scoop of ice-cold water.
On My Son: Clean, refreshing, crunching on ice cubes and sipping the melted bits.



**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Rappaccini’s Garden Pt. VIII

Oleander Honey

In the Imp: Bitter sharp herbal green. Potent honey sweet floral.
On Me: The floral is super strong after the Honey faded.
On My Son: Pass based on how it smells on you.
Me: And how exactly does it smell on me?
Kiddo(slowly inching towards the door): Like a flower was cutting the cheese. *runs*

Redoul Honey

In the Imp: Honeyed Blackberries
On Me: Once the Honey fades, Blackberry bushes, and a sharp green. I love this.
On My Son: Blackberries. Yummy.

Tobacco Honey

In the Imp: Honey and a pile of fresh, sharp pipe tobacco.
On Me: Sharp Tobacco flowers and drippy Honey, then as the Honey fades, it’s this really clean Pipe Tobacco, almost green, not sweet at all.
On My Son: I’m sorry, I can’t, it’s making my brain explode.
Me: Wash it off now.

Yellow Jessamine Honey


In the Imp: Creamy sweet Jasmine. Oooh!
On Me: I wanted it to stay just like this, but the Honey faded, and it went too sharp.
On My Son: Nope, no Jasmine, not by itself.


That’s it for Rappaccini’s Garden.  Next up, RPG.


**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Rappaccini’s Garden Pt. VII

Daphne Honey

In the Imp: Sharp bitter green, super sweet, high-pitched floral.
On Me: Sharp green honey sweet floral, a much sharper Honeysuckle, Honey fades in an hour, overwhelming floral.
On My Son: Pass because flowers.

Deadly Nightshade Honey

In the Imp: Stemmy green Tomato vine and Honey.
On Me: Honey faded very quickly. Nutty, Green Tomato vine, a hint of flowers.
On My Son: I don’t want to smell like a Tomato plant.

Horse Chestnut Honey

In the Imp: Pungent green, sticky sweet Chestnuts.
On Me: Once the Honey faded, it smelled just like crushed Buckeyes on the hot pavement.
On My Son: Roasted sweet Chestnuts. Neat.
Five minutes later: There’s something weird, this spiky green smell.

Laurel Honey

In the Imp: Honey and fresh Bay leaves.
On Me: Bay leaves, bitters, and Honey. Once the Honey faded, it was too kitchen spice.
On My Son: Honey soup. *giggles* It’s not vegetable soup, or meat soup, it’s Honey soup. *giggles*
Me: *has gigglefit*


**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Rappaccini’s Garden Pt. VI

The Zieba Tree
A massive tree that held, in its lowest boughs, a nest of bare-breasted men and women. The souls sprawled within the Zieba Tree’s branches were trapped in reverie, lost for all eternity in their fantasies.

A dreamlike, listless scent, misty and hazed, with wisps of white sandalwood, eddying musks the colors of eventide, shimmering pale resins, davana, lemon blossom, orange blossom, and white peach.

In the Imp: lovely soft, fruity florals.
On Me: Creamy Citrus with a blush of resins. It’s familiar.
On My Son: It reminds me of Cat Chasing Butterflies, but with Lemon and Orange, and incense instead of Almond.
Me: That’s it!
Kiddo: I’m good.
Me: (@-T)


Within the vast gardens of Rappaccini’s estate lies a peculiar apiary, populated with bees of questionable tastes. Inspired by the Maenomenon of Pontus, Xenophon’s Retreat of the Ten Thou-sand, tales of St. Olga, and the exploits of the Heptakometes, Dr. Rappaccini slowly adjusted the pheromone emissions of his colonies, thus modifying their behaviors. His bees developed a predilection for unsavory nectars, and Dr. Rappaccini’s experiment came to fruition.

Black Hellebore Honey

In the Imp: Sharp green with Honey and a deadly spike of ice.
On Me: Sharp green, sharp ice, sort of a light whiff of Hellebore, and Honey…for an hour, then minty green.
On My Son: Very candy sweet green.

Chokecherry Honey

In the Imp: Marasca Cherries steeped in honey.
On Me: Yup, Maraschino liqueur, Cherry bitters and Honey. Honey left in an hour, strong Cherry after.
On My Son: Cherries and Honey



**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**


General catalogue: BPAL Edition-Rappaccini’s Garden Pt. V

Strangler Fig
A glorious parasite! Once the seeds of the Strangler Fig find root in the bark of a tree, snakelike roots erupt and reach graspingly at the sky. The Strangler Fig then sprouts numerous epiphytic vines that strangles and surrounds its unwilling host, and finally snuffs the life from it. Rooty, woody, with deep green tones.

In the Imp: Sharp green vines, Fig, gnarled, Earthy Roots.
On Me: As in the Imp.
On My Son: It’s so weird, sweet and green and dirt with tree bark bits falling down.

Voodoo Lily
Amorphallus, indeed. A breathtakingly exotic, wild, and grossly erotic spicy gold, purple-black, and burgundy lily.

In the Imp: Creamy sweet Lily with hints of Almond and Wine soaked spice.
On Me: Too much spice, not enough Lily.
On My Son: Nope, Nowaynohow.

Notorious for its properties for protection against werewolves and curing lycanthropy, this nefarious plant also has a fine history of use as a virulent poison. Clasically, Medea employed it in her many works of vengeance. This concoction of ours has none of the lethal qualities, but still personifies all of the herb’s dark history beautifully.

In the Imp: Pungent bitter green Herbal.
On Me: Hints of Rose, something musk-like, and Bitter, pungent Herbs.
On My Son: Nope. Maybe later.



**Indulgent scents were acquired from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by me or our friends.  Reviews are thanks and appreciation.**